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Rob Gronkowski claims that he will not return to football

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Rob Gronkowski

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Rob Gronkowski recently admitted that there is ‘no chance’ he will play another match in the NFL. Moreover, the future Hall of Famer says that as of now he has no plans to come back.

Here is everything you need to know.

Rob Gronkowski is ‘happily retired’ and will not return to NFL

Rob Gronkowski hung up his spikes last year in June. However, many fans believed that he will eventually come back since he had once already announced his retirement only to be unretired in his career.

In addition, Gronkowski said that he is officially done while talking with Michael Babcock and Mojo Muhtadi from TMZ.

He said, ‘There’s no chance anymore.’

The former Buccaneers and Patriots tight end added, ‘I’m happily retired.’

Additionally, Gronkowski shared that he is still using athleticism despite his retirement. He revealed that he is currently trying his hand at pickleball which he seemingly is good at.


He admitted, ‘I beat my brother, Chris, who plays with pros, and my other brother, Gordon, who plays with pros too!’

He continued, ‘And I beat ’em with an average Joe — my other brother, Glenn G., was my partner!’

Gronkowski mentioned, ‘So. I’m happily retired. I’m still competing, I’m still winning, so I don’t even need to go back to football.’

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old athlete is also spending quite a lot of time at his alma mater, the University of Arizona. 

For the unversed, Gronkowski is scheduled to appear as the Wildcats’ team captain for the spring football game on 15th April.

Nevertheless, Gronkowski will go against his brother Chris, who is slated to be managing the opponents of Gronkowski’s team.

Rob Gronkowski addresses Bill Belichick and Mac Jonas split and trade rumors

Rob Gronkowski shut down the rumors of Mac Jones allegedly being shopped by Bill Belichick during his appearance on the Up and Adams Show.

He said, ‘I think that was fake news.’


He added, ‘He [Belichick] already got a new offensive coordinator [and quarterbacks coach Bill O’Brien] that he brought into place.’

Additionally, he stated, ‘Just the whole offensive staff was basically turned over this year, and then if you’re shipping your quarterback, that’s just too much turnover.’

He confirmed, ‘So, I don’t think that’s real news.’

Meanwhile, rumors are floating around that a rupture seemingly took place between Jones and the head coach.

According to news, the quarterback allegedly sought aid from his former Alabama coaches which supposedly had irked Belichick.


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