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Teacher Sues Kanye West, Claims Donda Students Could Face Transfer Issues

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The students at Kanye West’s Donda Academy are reportedly being denied the education they deserve. However, one of the teachers suing the rapper revealed that the parents will face problems if they try to go somewhere else.

Here is everything you need to know.

An ex-Donda teacher believes that students will have a hard time transferring from the academy

Former Donda teacher, Cecilia Hailey recently talked with TMZ where she shared her concern for the students studying at Kanye West’s Donda Academy.

Moreover, she revealed that the children are severely behind educationally. In addition, she expressed to the parents that moving somewhere else will possibly not correct the issue quickly.

Subsequently, Hailey claimed that the students are not being graded on their tests or exam at the uncredited school. Hence, transferring could create a serious problem for the children.

Besides that, Hailey went on to share her concern for the future of the students. She appears to be outraged by the fact that the children are way behind on the learning curve.


Two women from Donda Academy file a lawsuit against Kanye West

Cecilia Hailey and her daughter Chekarey Byers filed a lawsuit against Kanye West in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Thursday.

Additionally, it came after they were both seemingly fired from the rapper’s private run due to retaliation.

Meanwhile, they made a couple of claims about the unorthodox practices that were being followed at the Academy.

The complaint read that it ‘did not have any janitorial services, it did not have a school nurse on staff or medical access, it was not following nutrition guidelines, and it did not have any security precautions.’

Kanye West Donda

Furthermore, it said that the ‘students were allowed to be picked up from the school campus by strangers. There were no policies in place otherwise.’

The complaint continued, ‘Parents, children from other schools, and even random strangers could come and go at will without ever having to sign in or sign out or notify anyone.’

Meanwhile, they admitted that Holocaust was omitted from the curriculum of the school.


Hailey added that the school ‘definitely wanted to suppress a lot of information in reference to history. They didn’t want the kids to know really about African American history or Asian American history.’

If you didn’t know, West founded Donda Academy in 2022 and named it after her late mother. The school offers education for students in pre-kindergarten to the 12th grade.


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