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Lionel Messi apologies to PSG over an unapproved trip to Saudi Arabia

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Lionel Messi

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It appears like Lionel Messi is in some hot water with his team following his unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the Argentine star footballer apologized to his club and supporters for getting suspended over his actions.

Here is everything you need to know.

Lionel Messi gets suspended after an unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia

Lionel Messi took to his official Instagram account on Friday to address the controversy which reportedly took place due to a scheduling misunderstanding.

He said, ‘I had organized this trip to [Saudi] Arabia that I had previously canceled and I couldn’t [this time around]. I repeat I apologize for what I did and I’m waiting for what the club decides.’

Moreover, Messi went on to miss his practice session on Monday in the wake of his promotional trip to Saudi Arabia. 

In addition, it comes a day before Paris Saint-Germain announced that they have suspended the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup winner.


Lionel Messi might not extend his contract with PSG

Lionel Messi will reportedly not extend his contract with Paris Saint-Germain. Subsequently, only five games are remaining for his contract to end.

Nevertheless, his coach Christophe Galtier addressed Messi’s suspension during an interview on Friday. He stated that the French club will wait for Messi’s suspension to come to an end to discuss how he will conclude the season.

Additionally, a reporter asked Galtier during the news conference whether he believed that Messi will return to the field after his suspension.

He replied with, ‘We’ll see when Leo returns what will happen.’

He added, ‘Obviously, there will be discussions with the entire club but also with Leo, who is the primary person involved.’

Meanwhile, it is important to note that the club has not yet revealed the length of Messi’s suspension. However, the French media claim that he is suspended for two weeks.


Galtier went on to say, ‘I was informed by the board at the start of the week of the decision to suspend Messi. When I was informed, I had the responsibility of not commenting on it.’

He shared, ‘I’m employed by the club and that is my role… The decision was nothing to do with me. I was informed of the decision.’

He explained, ‘Leo’s suspension has added to poor performances, we can’t hide behind that… I can’t say it has been a pleasant period.’

Thus, Messi will possibly miss the next two games. PSG on the other hand is leading with five points over Marseille, who is in second place in Ligue 1.


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