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Why Did Elle Darby Her Twitter Account? Elle Apologized for Her Older Racist Tweets

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Elle Darby

Instagram/Elle Darby


An influencer on social media named Elle Darby has apologized for a series of racist tweets she wrote more than a decade ago.

During her teenage years, Elle Darby used racial slurs and insulted a number of ethnic groups in a series of ‘shameful’ messages.

In an old Twitter account, Darby said she ‘hates Polish people and Indians really,’ and called foreigners ‘meatheads’ who ‘speak in grunts’. There were a ton of tweets from Darby’s old Twitter account that were surfaced again on January 3.

Darby makes vlogs on YouTube, in which she describes her daily life as a single mom and her experiences. Darby’s content is generally wholesome and family-friendly. But a number of her tweets from 2011 have surfaced recently and had viewers thinking otherwise.

Who is Elle Darby?

Having amassed over 748k followers on Instagram alone, Elle Darby has built a large fan base online. In addition, Darby has amassed over 601k YouTube subscribers. The former Blackberry model was signed to a modeling agency before becoming a YouTuber. Since then, she has founded the Angelle Collection, famous for its candles and loungewear.


The 26-year-old YouTuber and Instagrammer, Elle Darby has over 600k subscribers on YouTube and 757k followers on Instagram.

What Did She Say About The Foreigners?

In one of the resurfaced tweets, she originally published in 2011, she asked why foreigners were following her, “I don’t speak your grunts, meatheads.”

Also, she posted that she hoped an effin charger from HK would hurry up. “Come on ch***s, you’re upsetting me.”

In addition, Darby wrote that the bus is sweaty and smells of Indians.

Besides, she had mentioned how much she preferred her beautiful, four labrador retrievers to my ugly, spiteful, mongrel cat. ‘That b***h can go back to the RSPCA.’

In one resurfaced tweet from 2011, the influencer hoped the Polish t*** who nearly threw her off her bus this morning would change. “cus I didn’t have my pass crashes.”

Elle Darby
Image via defnoodles/Instagram

Fans React To These Resurfaced Tweets

Users on social media expressed anger over the comments and expressed skepticism about the apology. 

Some users complained that they were unsure of why @elledarby claims to look at her own social media and reflect on her own actions. ‘You were caught out and never would have owned up otherwise.’

The second user said woke up to find Elle Darby is a racist in 2022.

One writer wrote that the recent news involving Elle Darby should be a lesson to every single one of us that glorifying and idolizing ”influencers” is so beyond ridiculous. ‘I don’t even know what to say.’ 


More than 1,300 people have liked a tweet that posts screenshots of the historical comments. 

It was now just before the new year when Elle Darby and her Fiancé, Connor Swift, apologized to the netizens, writing that Christmas and New Year are traditionally a time to reflect and that they are taking the time to reflect on both their histories on social media.

Elle Darby
Image via Elle Darby/Instagram

It seemed that they were ashamed to admit that they did not like what they found.

Specifically, they described being shocked, surprised, and devastated by some of the languages they used in their very old tweets a decade ago.

‘We feel that we all have a responsibility for our own mistakes and to try and take responsibility for our actions.’ the couple apologized.


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