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Lola Consuelos’ Bikini Yoga Photos Goes Viral on Instagram

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Lola Consuelo

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Well, to begin with, Lola Consuelos, posted a series of pictures on Instagram on the 24th of December 2021. Those pictures flashed Lola with her friends in a bikini, doing a yoga pose. However, she posted another series of pictures on the 2nd of January, giving a glimpse of her life.

What Was on Lola Consuelos’ Instagram Post?

Firstly, a picture of a Lola’s car’s number plate was seen on the post. It seemed like she took the New Year as an opportunity to post and pour her heart out on the social media app, Instagram. Following the car’s picture, there was a series of pictures of boats.

In addition to this, Lola Consuelos posted pictures of her with her friends, posing in a bikini. The post had two of them, including Lola, giving a yoga pose in a bikini. Lola Consuelos prefers to stay away from social media, this encouraged her to caption the picture as “I’m still on this app”.


Meanwhile, Lola Consuelos, posted another series of pictures, on the 2nd of January 2021. These pictures flashed light upon the great life Lola is celebrating. However, the post, with Lola in a bikini went viral on social media, giving rise to the fan base of Lola Consuelos commenting and tweeting about the same.

Everything You Need to Know About Lola Consuelos

Lola is the proud daughter of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. She is not a new face to social media as her parents keep posting their family pictures on the platform. However, these pictures go viral every time and Lola is known by all. According to the reports, Lola completed her graduation from New York University in 2019. She has done music. Alongside her graduation, Lola was also appeared in a show “Live with Kelly” which got her a huge fan following.

To add on, Lola Consuelos has also revealed details about her personal life and has shared information about her boyfriend, Tarek Fahmy. On the contrary, she even expressed her quarantine period life in an interview. Lola spoke about how she stayed home, attended online classes, and watched TikTok videos. She also mentioned that quarantine made her get to TikTok and now she can’t stop.

Lola Consuelo

Kelly Ripa, A Proud Mother

It is no surprise for Kelly to react to the actions of Lola. It is so, because Lola’s parents are always active on social media, especially when it comes to them talking about their children. However, Kelly has always made mention how proud she is to have a daughter like Lola Consuelos. She even expressed that Lola is independent and Kelly appreciates Lola for the lady she’s grown to be.

Simultaneously, Kelly Ripa even praises Lola’s generation. She feels good to see how Lola’s friends’ have her back always and how well they all support each other in all walks of life.


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