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J Stash, Florida Rapper Found Dead After Allegedly Killing Woman in Front of Her Kids

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J Stash



Florida rapper, J Stash killed himself in the first month of the new year. The news came out on January 3, and he killed a mother of three before taking his own life. 

According to the sources the incident happened at the home of the mother in California. The bodies found at the crime were Jeanette Gallegos, 27-year-old, and J Stash, 28-year-old. Jeanette had multiple gun charges and deep wounds on her body according to sources.

Police Officials from the LA County Sheriff’s Department responded to a domestic violence call on the morning of 1st January 2022. According to Lieutenant Derrick Alfred’s statement, right now the evidence at the crime scene says it is a murder-suicide. Also, the preliminary information they have from the children from the house matches with the conclusion. The weapon was collected from the crime scene and authorities took off the three children from the house. There is no confirmation to reports about rapper J Stash and Jenette were dating.

Who Was J Stash?

J Stash, whose real name was Justin Joseph, 28-year-old was an American Rapper. He was a promising and budding rapper in the music industry before his death news came. It was reported on January 3 that the rapper passed away. The rapper got fame with his album in 2016, HOOD RICH. He was born on September 23, 1993.

Since then, the artist has created more albums that are: Relax With Me, No More Distractions, and 6ix Before 7even. He was multi-talented as he tried his luck in modeling and designing as well. J Stash has a good amount of fans and was available on the social media platform. His Instagram handle- @imjstash has 1,64,000 followers.


His works on YouTube are also available that include Flexin, Guerillas, and Nuthin- remixed version. The rapper grew up in South Florida but returned to New York where he was born according to an interview in 2017. J Stash stated that in extra of music he wants to build companies and establish stores in different countries.

Cause Of Rapper J Stash Death Explained

On January 1, 2022, according to the police department, they got an alleged murder-suicide call in Temple City at 7:15 AM nearly. Both the adults involved in this incident were dead at the scene when officials reached, as per sources. Mr Alfred informed that the couple were staying together for the past few months in Temple City. The two had an exchange of arguments regarding their relationship.

Then the rapper took Jenette to his master room and locked the door. The mother of three children of ages 7, 9 and 11 was at the house during this incident. They informed police that they knocked at the door periodically to check whether their mother was fine. Around 7 am the kids heard the gunshot and then called grandmother who called the police. When reached the crime scene the kids ran outside and officials broke the locked door. No note was present at the crime scene. According to sources, J Stash and Jenette were dating for a year and kids were not of J Stash. The incident is still under investigation.

What Did J Stash’s Fellow Say?

As the news broke on social media, many fellow rappers wrote the note in the memory of J Stash. Spotem Gottem said, that he is speechless and wish this is a bad dream. He tagged J Stash’s Instagram account and said nobody knew what he was going through till the end. Another rapper Trippie Redd shared a screenshot and stated that RIP to my twin in disbelief.

Net Worth Of J Stash

The rapper used to get a heavy paycheck because of his connection to the entertainment industry. The exact net worth of J Stash is not available yet but till now, his estimated net worth is between $1 million to $12 million.


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