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Who Is Mia Francis? Jack Paul’s Ex Mia’s Age, Instagram, And Ethnicity

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Jake paul and Mia Francis

Jack Paul, American Youtuber, and boxer begin his career on social media in 2014. His girlfriends usually remain in news for different reasons. In this article, let’s find out about Mia Francis, Paul’s ex-girlfriend. We will get to know about her Instagram, her age, etc.

Who is Mia Francis?

Mia Francis is Venezuelan American girl. Her mother’s name is Jackie Diaz. Mia by profession is a gamer, social media influencer, and model. She is a multi-talented girl. She permanently resides in Los Angeles but she keeps on moving from Miami, New York City to Los Angeles at different times.

Mia Francis Age And Instagram-

Mia Francis was born on December 27, 1993. She is currently 27 at a time. MiaFrancis is a Capricorn on the zodiac. 

Her Instagram reach is also good. She holds 1.2 million followers on her Instagram handle. The content on her Instagram is about fitness and modeling. She is a fitness and lingerie model. So, most of her content is about her donning bikinis and swimwear.


Relationship between Jack Paul and Mia Francis?

Mia Francis and Jack Paul’s relation confirm in early 2021. They are seem dating each other. 

But in February 2021, She was kissing Harry Jowsey. Earlier in 2019 also, She collaborates with different Youtubers. Rice Gum and Mia Francis were seen together in one fortnight game on Twitch. One of her videos with one guy on YouTube went wrong. In that video, she appears on Youtuber Adin Ross’ channel. The title of the video is,” Show speed on a blind date with only fans Baddie Mia Francis” But at last in her video, it was shown that both weren’t an ideal match. There is a fight between Show Speed and Mia Francis in which Show Speed is shouting at Mia to which she replies that she has got something for him and that is dog’s bone. She then laughed out. After that, Show Speed says to her, “Get Out”. All these different involvements of Mia with different boys at different times signifies that she might not be dating Jack Paul now.

Jake paul and Mia Francis relationship

Jack Paul’s Dating Life-

There were many girls in Jack’s life. The first girl in his life was Saxon Sharbino. They were in a relationship since 2014 but they confirm it in 2017 through a video. But they soon break up. Then after that, he met model and actress, Alissa. They both dated each other for one year. After Alissa, he was involved with Tessa Brooks. She is a dancer, model, and actress by profession. Both of them date each other only for few months in the year 2017. Then he has his most romantic relationship ever with Erika Costell. Both met each other in 2017 and their public appearances were very much frequent. Both even vlog together but they parted their ways in 2018. Then in 2019, he met Tanya Mongeau. The couple dates each other till 2020.


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