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Who Is Hamisa Mobetto? Is Rick Ross Dating Hamisa Mobetto?

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In addition to Diced Pineapples, Rick Ross is well-known for his work on songs like Gold Roses and Here I Am. The musician debut in 2006 with his first album. And has since follow it up with a further ten album tracks. In April, he issued his 2021 record, Richer Than I’ve Ever Been.

Rick Ross’ relationship is as busy as his rap career. As a result, let’s examine the rumors stating that Rick Ross is dating Hamisa Mobetto.

Who Is Hamisa Mobetto?

Hamisa Mobetto is a multi-talented businesswoman, singer, and actor. The creator’s YouTube account has 189k followers.

Tanzanian native, she’s 26 years old, and she hails from Mwanza. Hamisa is the mother of three: Dylan Abdul Naseeb, Deedaylan Abdul Naseeb, and Fantasy Majizzo. She alone has 8.4 Instagram followers.

When Hamisa was criticized for entrapping wealthy men with kids, she was obliged to reply in 2018.
Hamisa claims that she has been demonized due to the obvious children. She had the kids with two powerful and wealthy Tanzanian men. Hamisa’s first child is the child of entrepreneur Majizzo. The Director of a radio or television. station. The father of Hamisa’s second baby is the president of the Wasafi major label and television station.

Is Rick Ross Dating Hamisa Mobetto?

Rick Ross and Hamisa, as per Tanzania’s The Citizen, maybe much more than buddies.

In a conversation with a regional radio presenter, Ross claimed he and Hamisa are connected. But he would leave the justification of their connection to her. Rick Ross frequently responds to Hamisa’s Instagram postings, giving the impression that the two are more than just friends. In 2021, Rick Ross told reporter Omary Tambwe: “I have to also be truthful, there really is a link. I’ll leave it up to her to inform everyone how much I know about that as well.”

Rick Ross

While there are a few other aspects, my main goal is to see her win,” Rick Ross stated. A trip to Tanzania is on the cards for Rick Ross shortly, as well.
Ross’s revelation of the connection with Hamisa comes amid when his remarks on Hamisa Mobetto’s profile every time she posts new photographs have aroused questions. Ross has been raving about Ms. Mobetto’s attractiveness in nearly every picture she has uploaded in the last several months, a behavior that has many perplexed. Many people think Ross has been attempting to attract Hamisa’s utmost attention for the two of them to begin a relationship. In the very same vein, the rapper was able to land Hamisa an agreement with Luc Belaire and an appearance with Luc Belaire CEO under their Self made segment. 


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