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Ella Purnell Boyfriend: Affair, Personal Life, And Who is She Dating in 2021?

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Ella Purnell Boyfriend

Ella Purnell, London based actress now working in Hollywood. She always dreamt of becoming a most-renowned celebrity, since very little age. Ella Purnell is most known for her star roles in Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children in 2016. 

She also starred in BBC One’s Ordeal by Innocence Starz Sweetbitter in 2017. Since then, she has made her dreams come true by acting in a valuable amount of films.  

She also learns skills like acting, singing, and dancing at Sylvia Young Theatre School. She went coaching for acting in Young Actors Theatre Islington, in London. And she started her career in starring in the year 2008. This first starring is her musical feature of Oliver. 

Later in the year, 2010 she debut on Big Screens after her feature in Never Let me Go. She made a fabulous job in several roles after her first role. Ella also featured in TV Shows like WildLike, Maleficent, Kick-Ass 2, Sweetbitter, etc. She is been in several parts of the film and TV industries. As she is extremely beautiful and has more popularity, Ella’s fans are eager to know about her love life from the industry. 


Personal life of Ella Purnell:

So far, her several roles in her career are very bright and exciting and also never fail to be serious. Her acting talent gave rise to shape into any role she wants to portray. In her off-screen and in on-screen she possesses a normal lifestyle. Her talents in extracurricular and also in academics came from her schoolings. Her academic talents are as follows. She can speak two languages, French and Spanish. She teaches Mathematics to others. Ella can play Saxophone and Piano. She is also known for her social volunteering.

In addition to that, She organizes funds for children and teenage children for the upcoming crisis since 2016. So far, she has donated 7,000 pounds to the charity. Previous coming into acting in films, she had a deep interest in Theater. Ella has also been a huge part of co-operating funds with NGO called Educate2Eradicate. This NGO deals with various issues like discrimination based on working with difficult teenagers, gender, and girl and women protection. 


Who is Ella Purnell Dating? Her Boyfriend?

Currently, it is rumored that Ella Purnell is dating Rob Raco. On the other hand, after her completion in her role “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”, several reports say her boyfriend is the co-actor Asa Butterfield. Whatever it is, these rumors are never been proved by Ella in person. Yet, the actress revealed in an interview, that Asa helped her with the exam plans in her matriculation certificate. In 2017, The twain saw spending time together. 

Ella Purnell and Rob Raco

There is also gossip spreading around that Brad Pitt, a 53-year-old, well-experienced actor gets attraction to a 21-year-old actress. Also, the two are reported to work in Stefania Danler’s “Sweetbitter”, a novel. Yet, a 2019 report says, Ella is been dating Rob Raco, a Riverdale Star”. 


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