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Who is Matteo Beltran? What is The Boy from ‘Listen Linda’ Video Doing Now?

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Matteo Beltran Listen Linda

An adorable and endearing film. Featuring a 3-year-old Matteo Beltran was released in 2014 by “Listen Linda”. Underneath the heading “My 3 year old must argue and debate everything.”. On YouTube, the amusing interaction involving mom and son alone has 30 million views.

Inside the footage, Linda’s son Matteo Beltran repeatedly tells mom to “Listen Linda”. Because of being refused a cupcake for dinner. Matteo, as per his mother, intended to skip dinner and then go directly to sweets, which sparked the ‘intense’ dispute.

Listen Linda Viral Video

But exactly what was it that got Matteo so worked up inside the video that went viral?

“Matteo intended to skip dinner and go straight to dessert,” Linda said. As a result, it became a significant point of contention. We were both in the middle of discourse until I decided to start filming.”. “He used to tell ‘listen’ or ‘you’re not listening to me. Since all parents understand we prefer to be using these things around our children.”. ‘Listen to me!’ ‘You aren’t listening to me!.


Okay, are you paying any attention?’ Many were puzzle just at times on how the small Boy know his mother’s name. Linda added further to clarify that she made them learn her name. So that they can easily answer it in public or during the time of emergency. Instead of answering “mom” when asked about the kid’s mother’s name. 

Where Is Matteo Beltran Now?

Following the popularity of the video, this new talent was invite to attend talk programs. And received a great deal of attention from artists, the news, and the general public. Matteo will be 11 years old on November 17, 2021. His mother, Linda Beltran. Told the media previously this year that her child is “starting to enjoy discovering everything about martial arts. As well as adapting to interpersonal virtual classrooms.”

His sibling and he like enjoying computer gaming.”. Linda also noted that her household’s lifestyle hasn’t really been easy. Stating that they “battle literally every day”. Even though she is happy that her tiny video may brighten many people’s lives for a short amount of time.

Linda has 169k followers on her Youtube page. Wherein she talks concerning her boys Matteo, Charlie, and Kevin. But also their home life from San Jose, California. Her former husband has joint legal custody of her boys.


Matteo’s Social media feed is worth a look. The little viral sensation has almost 10,000 followers, while his mother co-manages the profile. Matteo as well as his siblings are all enthusiastic taekwondo practitioners. They like spending quality time all together as a family.

Fans Reaction To Listen Linda Video

Mimic is the highest genuine form of flattery. Supporters of the popular video have started replicating the Listen Linda dialogue on TikTok. And everybody is obsessed with spunky three-year-old Matteo.


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