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Sophie Ellis Bextor Net Worth: Earnings, & Backstory of The Highest Paid Singer

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Sophie Ellis Bextor

For Familia, which was her sixth solo song in 2016, Sophie Ellis Bextor gained popularity. She has a genre of pop, 1980s electronic influences, and nu-disco. She has given the most lively and meaningful songs. Although, Sophie Ellishas all these successes, she devoted herself to her family and fans.

Sophie Ellis Bextor: Early Life

Ellis is from London. Her mother is Janet Ellis, she used to work at BBC children’s television and  Robin Bextor is her father, he is a producer and a film director. Furthermore, her parents divorced when Ellis was 4-year-old. Her mother was the presenter of the Blue Peter show, where Ellis appeared. With W11 Opera,  she started her performance in public. Now, she is the organization’s patron.

Sophie Ellis Bextor: Net Worth

Sophie is such a talented that she made money out of this. She is the rich singer, who is one of the richest singers. Her net worth is around $185 million as of 2021. Since two years, she has been working continuously, and she also made money out of her latest hit song. Her songs are kitchen disco and Crying at the discotheque

. On new year’s she was called at The Graham Norton to perform. She also podcast and Spinning plates with Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Sophie Ellis Bextor

Highest-Paid Singer 2021

The year was not so great for the singer, but Sophie Ellis Bextor is one of the richest singers, which ease her pain. She is one of the top 10 highest-paid singers. She made $58 million overall. Her 2019 was a major fallback, but she managed to get through this. Sophie earned around $30 million in 2020 and 2021. Sophie Ellis earns from stock investment,  advertisements, profit participation, endorsements, substantial property holding  and partnership deal with covergirl cosmetics.  In London, she has multi of restaurants and a football team. “Sophie Ellis-Bextor Seduction

” which is her vodka brand.

Sophie Ellis Bextor: Family

Sophie’s husband name is Richard Jones. They have very great chemistry between them, said by Richard. But her husband was waiting for the wedding to the end, according to Sophie. Things were not easy for her and they got separated. They have 5 kids who are boys.  In their home, Sophie shares their singing videos with her. 

Sophie Ellis Bextor

Sophie Ellis’ Backstory

When she was 17 years old, she lost her virginity. A guitarist raped her in one of the gigs she used to have earlier. Frim the Spinning Plates,  she has all these memories. He was 12 years older in comparison to her and took her to his house.


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