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Is Darius Mccrary Dating Sidney Starr? Instagram Dating Rumors Explored

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Darius McCrary, who is the of Family Matters, came to Instagram to resolved rumors of him about dating Sidney Starr. Some people are thinking that he is gay or transgender after seeing his love life.

The transgender rapper shared a post  with Darius, which made a spark about them. The rumors are that they are dating each other, but now the actor has opened his mouth about the rumors.

Who is Darius McCrary?

 Darius Creston McCrary was born in 1976, who is an actor,  rapper, producer and singer. He is from America. Furthermore, he is famous for his role of Eddie in Family Matters. The show tan from 1989 to 1998.

Big Shots was his debut film,  which was a comedy film of 1987. Moreover, he played scam in that. In the Transformers reboot, which was in 2007, he provided his Jazz voice. He did a drama The Young and The Restless, in which he played as a photographer. The show ran from 2009 to 2011.


Is Darius McCrary Transgender?

The actor “Darius Mccrary” is not a transgender, he is a male. In Sidney’s Instagram post, she noted that the actor is not a gay or transgender, he is a heterosexual.

A lot of people are questioning about his character sexuality of Eddie Winslow, as rumors about him allegedly dating Sidney received attention, 

On Family Matters, Eddie has shown as a straight man. Greta McClure was the girl whom he was dating, and she became his forever girlfriend.

Lately,  Darius Mccrary posted a video on Instagram that now he is engaged but he didn’t reveal the name of his fiancée. Moreover, he did even address about the rumors of him dating Sidney.

There were rumors that he is dating his television mom

Darius Mccrary said small minds to those people who are spreading rumors about allegedly dating Sidney, and he called it fake.

He’s heard saying in his video, “While y’all are discussing these rumors that aren’t true, we eating, “as his former TV mom, who is with him adds, “And they aren’t true, OK?”

 On these tumors, his fiancée have some thoughts to say. 

While he hasn’t revealed any information about his new wife, if he and his companion are going to get married, it will be the  fourth marriage of the actor.


Why There Were Dating Rumors About Darius McCrary And Sidney Starr?

Sidney Starr once shared a photo of them together in which he called him a great friend, since then people are making guesses if the two are dating.

A video was shared by her recently after a photoshoot, in which the two are seen posing seductive.

Sidney Starr wrote in the caption, “e both are just built special!!!!! 2 hard working celebrities in the industry!!!!!!! Eddie Winslow we love you!!!! @dariusmccrary ! We hear y’all talking”

The actor had to say about rumors like allegedly dating, which were spreading like a fire.


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