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Who is Devonne “DJ” David? Atlanta Boy Died At 11 After Car Accident While Trick-or-Treating

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Devonne DJ David

The vehicle hit Devonne “DJ” David around 8:20 pm on Halloween night. The driver stayed on the scene after the incident.  

What happened on the incident site?  

The Georgia family is mourning the death of his child. After the incident on Halloween night, the family identified the body as Devonne “DJ” David.  

According to various news portals, Devonne was killed at 8:20 pm on Sunday. An 11-year-old child died from hitting the car. Police officials said that Devonne was standing with other groups of children on the roadside. Suddenly, he started walking while the vehicle was passing. The car accidentally hit Devonne. After the accident, the driver waited at the event place. He died while he was in the hospital. 

The police officials read the statement, “The pedestrian was standing with a group of children on the roadside. According to a preliminary investigation, people found an 11-year-old male on the roadside. The children were celebrating Halloween. The pedestrian strolled into the roadway to cross Memorial and where the driver struck him. The driver stayed on the site of the incident. After the incident, the pedestrian was taken to the hospital. In the hospital, the pedestrian was declared dead.”  

Devonne DJ David

Channel 2’s Christian Jennings was present on the site of an incident where Halloween Candy was still scattered on the road. The other resident in that area said that the road was not safe. Many accidents have happened already, and they were in fear for many years. The pedestrian sign on the road is not visible due to the tree. The other side of the road has no signal.  

The inquiry is yet in the preliminary stage.  

Reactions of Family and Friends  

Devonne’s aunt reads the description, “On October 31, our family suffered a huge loss. The tragedy was too big. He leaves behind his mom, two sisters, and a brother.” She further added, “We are raising funds for my sister’s son. The car hit Devonne. It was a huge tragedy. We will accept any contributions with any remaining funds going to the account of his mom.”  

A GoFundMe campaign has started to benefit his family and raised almost $6,990 on Monday night.  

Devonne DJ David

Wesley Fulton said to the news portal, “I had my nephew run in the house to get him a blanket over him. I talked to him and told him, that come on, little man, you will be alright. Do not worry and wait till everything gets fine.”  

Wesly further added, “As soon as he got hit, I screamed and ran out in the street to see if he was okay. It was a very heartbreaking incident. I took the blanket and covered him. David was bleeding, but he was still conscious. I also saw that driver was sitting on the road for two hours. He was crying continuously.” 


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