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Sam Quek and Tom Mairs Relationship, Is Sam Quek Expecting Her Second Baby?

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Sam Quek

Sam Quek and Tom Mairs have announced the most thrilling and good news that the pair are expecting their second child. After her first baby’s arrival, Sam has declared her second child months.

In March, Sam and Tom Mairs greeted their first baby daughter, Molly. In an interview with Ok! Magazine Sam Quek said, “It’s come along quite quickly, so we were pleasantly surprised!”
She also said, “It was a shock but we didn’t stop it if that makes any sense.”

Is Sam Quek Expecting Her Second Baby In 2021?

Sam Quek is a hockey player and TV persona and Tom Mairs is an entrepreneur. The hockey player was born on 18 October 1988. She was born to Marilyn Quek and Albert Quek.
After a miscarriage, Tom and Sam declared that they were expecting a baby. Sam gave birth to a baby girl, Molly Doris Mairs in March 2021. Sam was gone through the disturbing cesarean segment.


After Sam Quek gave birth to her adorable daughter Molly, she shared an adorable picture on Instagram of Molly holding on to her fingertips.

Sam Quek Reaction on Miscarriage

After one year of trying, at the start of 2020 Olympian star, Sam Quek got pregnant but unfortunately lost the baby just after five weeks.

Talking about the mishappening, she said, “I don’t want to talk to anyone.”
She also said “I had shame and regret that it was my mistake. I was recalling everything that I did during pregnancy and replaying every moment. I put everything on my body and on me but I never said a single word to Tom at the moment.”

“We had a discussion after Molly that we would surely enjoy kids close together and what this close together signified.”

“My close together was an elongated period of 18 months and I had the desire to begin trying after Christmas.”


“But close together of Tom was to begin trying after my check of six-week!”

Sam Quek

Meet Olympian star’s Husband Tom Mairs

In 2018, Sam Quek tied the knot with Tom Mairs. Tom is a property businessman. In 2010, on the reality show, Tom showed up as the titular “Secret Millionaire.”

Tom and Sam both appeared in the same Grammar school but they didn’t get a golden opportunity to create their chemistry in school.
They placed to distinct year groups.

Though, in June 2017 it’s a luck that the cute pair got engaged. In August 2018, Tom and Sam Quek get married at Chester Racecourse.


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