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Who is Darrell Brooks Jr? Suspect in Waukesha Parade Tragedy Identified

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Darrell Brooks Jr

Waukesha City saw a horrifying event when an SUV plowed through a Christmas parade in Wisconsin on Sunday. It killed five people and around 48 citizens were injured who were present in the parade. Those who are deadfalls between the age of 45-81 and injured include children. The suspect behind this rage has been identified as Darrell Brooks Jr. Let us find out about him who is he?

Who is Darrell Brooks Jr?

A resident of Milwaukee, city of Wisconsin, Darrell E. Brooks, 39-year-old is the suspect who drove his SUV through a Christmas Parade on Sunday in Waukesha. On Monday. police officials stated that they know very well he was acting alone. The intention behind such a homicidal act is not identified yet as the official informed. Police Chief Dan Thompson, who handled the situation, said that they could not find any evidence regarding this act being a terrorist incident.

Brooks has five charges on him that include intentional homicide, domestic abuse, obstructing officer, and more, as Thompson informed. Darrell Brooks was involved in some domestic disturbances earlier to the Christmas parade. He arrived at the scene and police officials tried to stop him as he approached the venue. But, Brooks broke the police barricades by driving SUV. Darrell Brooks was not injured during the incident. The citizens who were hit brutally by the SUV and passed away includes four females and one male.

Darrell Brooks Jr

The citizens who were present at the event and saw the rage and were informed that the suspect was driving through the crowd, one of the officers tried to stop him. The police officers fired on him so that he can stop but due to the other people near and around, he had to s top his firearm and not fire additional fire shots. Milwaukee Dancing Grannies reported that those who were killed were the members.


Brooks Was Out On A Bail

Darrell Brooks Jr was released on a thousand-dollar bail earlier this month as the District Attorney’s office reports. As per the court record, a statement was released on Monday that stated that bail granted was inappropriately low. Brooks applied for bail on November 11 due to the domestic abuse charges on him. The charges pressed were due to an incident that occurred on November 2. Darrell was accused of running his car over a woman as she was walking by the gas station parking point. According to the complaint, officers have seen tire prints in her left leg.

Brooks was also charged for jumping out on bail following July 24, 2020. Milwaukee District Attorney office now claims that the bail was inappropriate and not be granted, Instead, an internal review could have been launched for decision making. Brooks is also having charges of firing a handgun while indulging in an argument. While arresting him police found a stolen gun and three multi-colored pills.

He is having an outstanding arrest warrant in Nevada on him in another case for which he got arrested but jumped the bail. This incident happened in 2016 in August for jumping bail and authorities issued a warrant against him.


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