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Who is Cecily Strong’s Boyfriend? Her Relationship and Instagram Explored

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Cecily Strong

Cecily Strong


Cecily Strong, a longtime part of Saturday Night Live, was recently interviewed on The View, and fans were curious regarding her personal dating life.

On Thursday, January 13, the comedian appeared on The View and discussed a variety of topics. She not only talked about her SNL performance “Goober the Clown,” but also about her SNL episode where she talked discussed her abortion.

Who Is Cecily Strong Dating?

After accepting the role on Saturday Night Live in 2012, Cecily Strong age 37, catapulted to fame. Considering her stardom, the actress/comedian has managed to keep her personal life secret throughout the decades.

However, in her biography This Will All Be Over Soon, the SNL actress provided her followers a glimpse inside her personal life.

The celebrity discussed her formation of a new connection in the book, which was published in August 2021.

Cecily Strong

She published some extracts from the memoir’s articles with Vulture in April 2020. She mentioned her new relationship inside one of the sections. But there was no mention of the complete name or anything regarding Cecily Strong Boyfriend.


Cecily described how she meet her boyfriend in 2019 at a Christmas party after her manager introduce them. “I speak with the gentleman with the moustache,” she says. He’s adorably charming. I’m drunk and exh austed, and I’ve no clue what we’re talking about since I have social anxiety.


He joins me at home. I’m a little more reserved the next morning. He is not as hesitant as I am. “May I offer you my contact information?” he inquires. I give him the pink flamingo pen which my psychiatrist had given me the previous week. Here on the back of an old invoice, he adds “Jack” with his mobile number.”

Cecily Strong Instagram

“A wonderful John I respect who attended to the tournament to me and started tearing up with a nice man should,” the comedian stated in an Instagram post in March 2020. This anecdote goes well with her Vulture piece. As a result, it’s possible that she’s dating somebody with the name John rather than Jack.

Both of them are said to live in NY City. Cecily hasn’t posted any images of herself with her boyfriend on social media. As a result, John has remained a secret to us thus far.

Cecily opened out more about her SNL bit in which she admitted to terminating the pregnancy before entering 23 during her interview on The View.

The comic is said to have denounced a Texas legislation that prohibits abortions beyond six weeks, as well as discussing her personal abortion, which she had just following her 23rd birthday. She then disclosed that it wasn’t just a comedy for her, but a real story.

Cecily previously claimed in the sketch, “I believe I wouldn’t have been a clown on TV here today if it wasn’t for the abortions I performed just before my 23rd birthday.” “Since it’s starting to occur, it should be secure, lawful, and approachable.”


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