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Is Joe Rogan Banned on Spotify? Hundreds of Doctors Sign Letters After Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

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Joe Rogan Experience

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After hosting a virologist that labeled the vaccination program a “mass formation psychosis,” 270 doctors and researchers signed a public petition to Spotify requesting that it prohibit Joe Rogan from promoting “anti-vax false facts.”

Malone connected the United States to Nazi Germany throughout a three-hour as well as six-minute discussion. On the already viral show #1757 of The Joe Rogan Podcast. He claimed that today’s population is struggling from a “mass formation psychosis” regarding vaccine usage. Dr. Robert Malone also claims to be a part of the squad that developed the mRNA technologies used throughout the Covid-19 vaccine. And stated that vaccination corporations including such as Pfizer and Moderna have ‘commercial issues of interests.

‘Hundreds of health personnel now have fact-checked Robert Malone. And sought answers from Spotify, which invested an estimated $100 million last year. On global broadcast licenses towards the Joe Rogan Experience.

Will Spotify ban Joe Rogan?

‘With just an average of 11 million people every episode. JRE, which would be hosted solely on Spotify, seems to be the globe’s largest podcasting and also has a massive impact’. They wrote in a public letter. Spotify has an obligation to avoid misinformation from spreading on its network. Despite the fact that the firm currently has no falsehoods strategy.’

According to the letter, Joe Rogan has a history of “broadcasting falsehoods. Especially concerning the COVID-19 epidemic,” and the session with Malone pushed “groundless conspiracy notions”. Including “an unproven belief that societal authorities have “hypnotized the population”. ‘Dr. Robert Malone is among the two most recent JRE speakers. They both are amongst who have linked pandemic measures to the Holocaust,’ the letter continued.

‘Not only do these activities distasteful and disrespectful, but they are also physiologically and socially harmful.’

‘It originated through, essentially, European academic investigation. As to what the hell is happening in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s’. Malone, 61, said that in the program, which was aired on December 31. They were a very smart, well-educated community, and they went ballistic.’ And also how did that come to be?


Mass formation psychosis is the approach. Things don’t make meaning once you have a community that becomes disconnected from one another and has free-floating worry. We have no idea what’s going on. Then, similar to hypnosis, a person or set of events directs their attention to a particular minor thing. They become completely mesmerized and could be led wherever they want.

Joe Rogan, who was infected by Covid personally. Also advocated for the use of ivermectin. Regardless of the fact that there is no proof that it helps to cure Covid.


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