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Did Zach Wilson and Abbey Gile split up? Rumors Explored

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zach wilson and abbey gile

Abbey Gile with quarterback boyfriend Zach Wilson.


New York Giants player Zach Wilson, as well as his partner Abbey Gile, are rumored to have split up on social media. The two are together with each other since high school. Since they were both students at Utah’s Draper Junior High. Although it’s unknown when they began dating. 

Abbey, a 20-year-old native of Sandy, Utah, is already a student at Utah Valley College. She is a talented performer who frequently shared images of Zach on Instagram. Followers, on the other hand, believe the couple has broken up, and this is why.

Zach Wilson and Abbey Gile Broken Up?

When both of them removed all images of one another from Instagram on Thursday. Rumors began circulating that the couple had broken up. 
If you’ve been to Zach’s 309,000-follower Instagram handle. You’ll notice that he no longer has any Abbey pictures on his account. According to the New York Daily News, Abbey has also removed images of the couple. She additionally seems to have fully deactivated her account, which is a little odd.

zach wilson and abbey gile
Abbey Gile celebrated Zach Wilson’s first Jets win in October.

There seems to be no formal verification that Zach and Gabby had split up at this very reporting. We can not be certain if they’ve broken up unless Zach officially announces a remark on the subject.

Whenever anyone removes images of their respective other from Instagram, though, it’s generally a negative indication. On Twitter, several followers are rejoicing at the prospect of Zach being single once more. “See ing various rumors that Zach Wilson seems to be single now…,” one individual wrote.


“Since he’s single, Zach Wilson upcoming season”. Someone wrote beside a series of photographs of famous American football player Joe Namath. “Yes, the rumors are real,” a third individual remarks. Zach Wilson as well as his longstanding girlfriend Abbey Gile have called it quits.

#NYJets Zach is an unlimited FA.” It might be time for you to take your chance, ladies.

Zach Wilson and The Jets

Wilson may arrive in elegance at the Jets’ practice site. However, head coach Robert Saleh. As well as the members of the training team would want his young star’s performance to match his gleaming new whip.

Wilson has tossed for 1,313 yards, four scores, and ten interceptions in seven games so far this season. His most recent pass was possibly the very worst hit by any player in the NFL this year.

Wilson launched a screen pass to Ty Johnson. He had been caught off guard and turned to stop an oncoming opponent. A Texans defender caught the ball after it hit his shoulder. 


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