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Game of Thrones’s Actress Esmé Bianco Filed Sex Assault Lawsuit Against Marilyn Manson

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Esmé Bianco and Marilyn Manson

The sexual misconduct case filed by “Game of Thrones” star Esmé Bianco against Marilyn Manson has been approved by a court, according to News. According to public records released Thursday. Manson’s request to just have Bianco’s allegations rejected primarily on the limitation period was refused by Judge Fernando L. Aenlle-Rocha of the United States District Court for the Central District of California.

The judge has instructed Marilyn Manson, whose actual name is Brian Warner, to provide a written response. To every one of the accusations stated in Bianco’s case within 14 days.

In his court speech, Aenlle-Rocha wrote,

“A rational jury may decide that the impact of Warner’s claimed unreasonable conduct. Along with the potential threat to Plaintiff’s wellbeing, immigration status, and profession, continued years since her last interaction with Warner.”

What is the Case against Marilyn Manson?

In April, Bianco, 39, initiated a lawsuit against the shock rocker, alleging sexual abuse and violence. The federal lawsuit came only 3 months following she formally accused Marilyn Manson of torture and abuse. Alleging that he attacked her with a knife and pursued her including an ax.

The accusation also claims that Warner and his previous manager broke the Victims Of trafficking Prevention Legislation Act. By using trickery to get Bianco to the United States. And then threatening her and performing brutal sexual activities on her without her permission.

Esmé Bianco and Marilyn Manson

Bianco says she was engaged with Marilyn Manson from 2009 to 2013, and also in her initial petition. The British-born artist alleged that “Warner raped Ms. Bianco anywhere around May 2011” via her lawyer Jay Ellwanger.

Bianco stated in an April press statement issued through her attorney.”Our justice process is very far from flawless, as millions of victims, including myself, are acutely conscious. That’s why I co-wrote the Phoenix Act. A bill that allows thousands of sexual abuse survivors valuable extra time to recover. But, as I fight for a more equitable court system. I’m also fighting for my power to keep my abuser accountable by all means open to me.”


Whereas the court rejected Jane Doe’s allegation. He actually gave her lawyers 20 days to issue a formal objection. Till they can offer further factual information to get through the constraint period. As she acknowledged to the court that she silenced her experiences – which the litigation categorizes as “postponed revelation,”.

According to a representative of Manson’s group who “highly” turned down the allegations to Media at the period. Marilyn Manson is now also disputing allegations that he attacked a lady during a concert in New Hampshire. Wherein he reportedly spits on her and spat mucus on her.


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