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Where to buy Bamboozle Festival 2023 Tickets, Prices, and Dates

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Bamboozle festival 2023

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As 2023 has begun, we have been getting announcements on the coming events for all as we got to know about the Bamboozle festival 2023 too. The Bamboozle festival 2023 is all we have that’s exciting everyone. Thus if you want to know more about the same. We have got you all the details on what you can expect from the festival. So, when are we having the Bamboozle festival 2023 to kick start?

Read ahead to know more about the Bamboozle festival 2023 and all its latest updates.

Bamboozle festival 2023 dates announced

We have got lots of announcement on which tours and festivals are coming this year. As of now, we have got one more added to the list with the Bamboozle festival 2023. So, excited fans can note down its dates now. The Bamboozle festival 2023 is to begin on 5th May 2023.


While the three-day festival is to last till 7th May 2023. The festival has been making its comeback after more than a decade and it’s really making everyone excited about the same.

What’s going to be special about the Bamboozle festival 2023?

The three-day Bamboozle festival 2023 is to take place after 2012. This year it is to take place at Bader Field in Atlantic City, New Jersey. While now we have got the announcement about its line-up as well.

The festival is having its line-up as Limp Bizkit, Rick Ross, Steve Aloki, Flyleaf, Papa Roach, and more. Further, we will have Saves The Day rock band to come up too. On the occasion of the Bamboozle festival’s 20th anniversary in 2023. We have a lot of artists to perform. Which will make the comeback of the festival even more enjoyable.


Tickets details for the Bamboozle festival 2023

If you are excited about the return of Bamboozle festival 2023. Then you must grab your tickets on time for the same. As the three-day general admission tickets cost $324.5 have been sold out.

While tier 2 general admission tickets would be available from 27th January 2023 at around 12 pm.Not to miss the MVP VIP tier 1 tickets are to cost $1638.46. VIP tier 1 tickets is to be available for $819.39. So, don’t miss to buy it soon.


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