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TikTok: Love Character Test Trend, How to Play the Game?

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Love Character Test TIkTok

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TikTok is getting obsessed over its “Love Character” test and users are loving it. There have been numerous other tests or quiz that have been going viral on TikTok. While this one is something different and we bet you must not have come across it yet. Well, if you surely haven’t then we have all the details about the same right here.

Read ahead to know more about the viral “Love Character” test going viral on TikTok.

TikTok’s obsession with “Love Character” test

TikTok has been giving plenty of trends to enjoy its users. While some are really obsessed over the test or quiz-type trends. The one that’s making all try it is the recent one we came across called the “Love Character” test.

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Just like any other quiz or test-type trend of TikTok. The “Love Character” test is something similar that has certain questions to answer and then the results of the same would excite you surely. In case you haven’t tried it yet. Then here’s how you can.


How to try the “Love Character” test trend of TikTok?

Though you might have had many quiz and tests to try before on the internet. The latest one making all try it is the “Love Character” test. This test is actually available on the website Ktestone. Which is a Korean website having numerous tests and quiz on it related to dating.

For trying the “Love Character” test however you have to visit the website and you may get the language translated into English by Google. Now, there would be 12 questions you have to answer with two options of answers for each. Like the question could be “when you go on a blind date, how do you do?”. Your answers would then give a result providing you with a loving character having some specific traits.


Users’ reaction to the viral “Love Character” test trend

Users of TikTok have been obsessed over this “Love Character” test trend. As they have been sharing the results of the test on the platform. After trying the Love Character test on the Korean website users have come up showing their traits on TikTok.

While some of the users who have not tried the test yet are too finding the test to be amazing. Not to miss, there are many such quiz to try on the same Korean website too that one can try out for fun if they wish to.

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