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What is the story behind ESPN radio station 103.3 FM in Dallas? Radio listeners react to the change

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103.3 ESPN radio

ESPN 103.3 FM has transitioned into a spiritual radio station. As a result, many listeners tuned in recently heard Christian music playing on the radio station. In August 2013, a company called Cumulus reached an agreement with ESPN. Inked an LMA with Disney, giving them control of the station. After Cumulus released control of Dallas programming in 2020, ESPN continued to operate under these terms.

What is the story behind ESPN radio station 103.3 FM in Dallas?

Disney offered it to VCY America. As a result, ministry in December 2021, Dallas 103.3 FM has turned to Christian programming material two years later. According to reports, the evangelical organization owns and manages 31 radio stations across the country. This is a narrative that we all expected to happen. It was only a question of when. ESPN 103.3 in Dallas is no longer broadcasting. A religious station presently broadcasts from the signal. The station debuted in 2001 as a joint venture between ESPN and Disney. This went on until 2013. Cumulus signed an arrangement with ESPN in August of that year. The corporation signed a letter of intent with Disney, giving them control of the station.


Those conditions were in effect through October 2020 for ESPN 103.3. The LMA came to an end at that point, and Cumulus pulled all local programming from the station. Since then, it’s been broadcasting a direct feed of ESPN Radio. Until this season, the station has been the Dallas Mavericks’ radio home for the entirety of its existence. The team’s radio broadcast has been shifted to iHeartMedia’s 97.1 The Eagle. It had been predicted that changes would occur. In December, Disney sold the signal to VCY America. Across the country, the evangelical Christian organization owns and runs 31 radio stations. The call letters officially changed on Wednesday night, and 103.3 is now KVTD, carrying VCY America’s nationally syndicated programming.

The Change Has An Effect On Radio Listeners

VCY Executive Director Jim Schneider stated, “We aim to deliver outstanding Christian programming to the Dallas region.” “Our mission is to evangelize, edify, and build up Christians via traditional sacred music, as well as news and information that is important to our listeners.” VCY declared 103.3 FM “is now your home for Biblical teaching, Sacred Music, instructive news, as well as radio theatre for the young and young at heart” in a press statement announcing the new station. KVDT joins KVCE in Lubbock as the network’s second Texas-based station. It plans to open a station in Midland/Odessa in the near future.


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