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What Happened to Cher? as iconic singer took a year’s hiatus from social media

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Cher, the legendary singer, and songwriter took a year-long sabbatical from social media following the footsteps of several celebrities like Ariana Grande, Lorde, and Lizzo. She returned to social media on March 11, 2022, and apologized to her fans for being away for so long.

Cher makes a comeback on social media after a year

Cher took to social media to tell her fans about her missing in action. She revealed to her fans that she had some personal problems and as a result, she had to stay away from social media. The 75-year-old interacted with and expressed her emotions to her Instagram family of four million, in a very positive manner.

While interacting with her fans, one of them asked her if she was okay. She said although she was alive, she was going through some difficult times. She added that after getting overwhelmed and reaching a level, that lim it gets pushed further. Moreover, she added that she was going through her worst year. Adding family problems to that made a perfect recipe for a disaster cake. In another tweet, Cher said that she was fine. However, sometimes she needs to regroup and reboot. There are times when she feels that this is her last nerve. However, gradually she finds many more such ‘last nerves’ to get on.


The American singer, actress, and songwriter, also goes by the name ‘Goddess of Pop’. She has always been a light in the dark as she embodied female autonomy in a male-dominated industry. Her six-decade-long career has seen Cher work in numerous entertainment fields, as well as adopting a variety of styles and appearances. Moreover, her fans have revealed that no one takes a stand for the people of LGBTQIAP community as she does.

Fans from the entire globe came out in her support. They took to social media to show support to Cher and stand by her as she makes her way through these tough times. Moreover, they’ve said she doesn’t need to justify her absence.


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