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Who Is Steven Barbosa? TikTok Guy Goes Viral For ‘Thinking With My D’ Clip

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The song lyrics for “Thinking With My D” are now trending on TikTok, a video-sharing website. Every other day, TikTok’s app explodes with new and old tunes. “Thinking With My D” has been showing up on the FYP a lot lately. With almost a billion users on the site, it doesn’t take long for music to become popular. Users use the catchy phrase to a variety of events and points of view. Kevin Gate’s song lyrics began to become viral just a few days ago. Learn everything there is to know about the music, the trend, and how you can join in on the fun.

Scenes and sound from the song

The soundtrack for the scene and sound is “Thinking with My D*ck,” a Kevin Gates song from 2013’s Stranger Than Fiction. In this situation, it’s being lip-synced by a man in a blue shirt carrying an American flag cup. Behind him, a woman claps, and children can be seen close by. “Not too gorgeous in the face, but she incredibly thick/I’m just thinking with my d*ck/My crap dumb,” the lip-synced lyrics go. The “thinking with my d*ck” area was abused for a variety of reasons, but there was also a trend of people on TikToks expressing their admiration for this man—or perhaps just having the song stuck in their minds.

@johneweatherall #MardiGras #Louisiana #CarnivalSeason ♬ original sound – John Weatherall III

How Did the “Thinking With My D” TikTok Guy Get His Name?

The “Thinking With My D” guy’s real name is Steven Barbosa, and he only has four videos on his TikTok account as of this writing. According to Daily Dot, he was dancing along to Kevin Gates’ song “Thinking With My D*ck” off his 2013 mixtape “Stranger Than Fiction” at Mardi Gras in Lafayette, Louisiana. John E. Weatherhall III, a photographer, was the one who shot the footage of Steven. He told Daily Dot that he was riding by on a float when he noticed Steven in the crowd and began filming him. He described himself as “overwhelmed” by the amount of attention his video has received.


Who is the ‘Thinking With My D’ Guy on TikTok?

Steven is very aware of his new celebrity status. He remarked on the original video, to which John replied. “Mardi Gras is a lot of fun! I was getting a sense of it, “Steven wrote and published something. Kevin Gates should bring him on stage with him the next time he plays in the region, John said. Barbosa received tickets to a Kevin Gates show in Lafayette next month, according to reports. Gates, who roots from Louisiana, has yet to reply to or remark on the TikTok, but his label did, captioning it “#Mood all 2022” on Instagram.

@only1barbosa #vibin #lafayettelouisiana #mardigras #kevingates The south just be like that:) #itsinmyblood #spicywhite ♬ original sound – Only1Barbosa

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