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Who is Ajani Lane? Police Says 4-Year-Old Boy Dies After Shooting Himself

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Ajani Lane

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania a four-year-old boy “Ajani Lane” died after accidentally shooting himself in the face.

Who is Ajani Lane?

Ajani Lane lived in Pittsburgh and according to his mother, Natwauna Lane, the little boy had just started going to school. He has two siblings. In addition to this, the mother wrote that he was fond of football.

The mother took to Facebook to inform that the boy was with his relatives at the time of this tragic incident. 

On Monday morning, Pittsburgh police received a call telling them that there has been an accident and a four-year-old boy has suffered gunshot injuries. 

The police officers as well as the paramedics arrived at the place of the accident (North Negley Avenue) and Ajani Lane was in critical condition when he was taken to a nearby Children’s hospital. Unfortunately, the little boy could not sustain the injuries and subsequently died after reaching the hospital. 

Ajani Lane

It is reported that the boy somehow got his hands on a gun kept at his grandparent’s home. In an “unimaginable tragedy” he shot himself. 


The Pittsburgh police are trying to raise awareness that such weapons should be kept far away from a child’s reach. The police announced on Tuesday that they’re going to sell free gun locks so as to prevent such accidents in the future. 

Wendell Hissrich, Public safety director said in a news release, “Taking five to ten minutes to place the lock on a gun could potentially save a life. That’s what we’re trying to get out to the public today, that these locks are available.”

Right now the police are investigating the case. Meanwhile, no criminal charges have been filed till now. 

Cara Cruz, the public information officer said, “This is an unimaginable tragedy. Everyone at Pittsburgh Public Safety is shaken by the death of this little boy. Our prayers go out to the family and friends of Ajani Lane.”

People React To The News-

There have been several incidents where children find guns at home and some accidents happen. As a result, people have now started questioning the adults involved and the fact that they kept a gun close to a child’s reach. 


While commenting on the incident, one person said, “Because many gun owners treat their guns as toys. Leave them around the house, under the car seat, on top of the fridge. Incidents like these happen on average once per week in America.

It never ever ever trends downward. It seems the parents don’t know just how bad they were with gun safety until after it’s too late.”


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