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WATCH: TikTok stunt couple go viral with fiery wedding celebration

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TikTok so far has given numerous shocking, interesting, and amusing content to watch including the latest one as a stunt couple going viral for their fiery wedding day celebration. Well yes, the couple is going viral on TikTok for their unique and hard-to-miss way to mark the special day of their life. As they walk down the aisle. But what was so special about their video on TikTok?

Read ahead to know more about couples going viral for their fiery wedding day celebration on TikTok.

Stunt couple goes viral for fiery wedding day celebration


While TikTok shows how crazy and how amazing things can be. We have previously too seen how a couple went viral on TikTok for getting a Disney-themed wedding. Well, this time we have a stunt double couple who is going insanely popular on TikTok.


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The reason for their popularity owes to their unique way of the wedding celebration. As you must have seen couples using flowers and other such stuff to make their wedding beautiful and different. However, this couple actually used fire to define their special day. That’s what makes them go viral with their video on TikTok.

What did the stunt couple do in the viral video?

The viral stunt couple is known as Gabe Jessop and Ambyr Bambyr were actually getting married. For their wedding celebration, the couple walking down the aisle in an open field actually got themselves set on fire. The couple holding hands were visible in the video with fire behind their back.

Firstly the bouquet of the bride is on fire which eventually set the couple with their back on fire. However, later the attendant there comes up with a fire extinguisher to put off the fire on the couple. The video capturing this has gone viral on TikTok.


Russ Powell captured the fiery wedding celebration of the stunt couple

Russ Powell who happens to be a TikTok user and a wedding planner as well captured the fiery moment of the stunt couple. While Russ put the video on TikTok. The video certainly became insanely viral on the platform and other social media accounts. In fact, Gabe even said thanks to him for being there.

Moreover, so far the viral video of the stunt couple has got more than 10 million views. Meanwhile, nobody was in harm in the viral fiery wedding stunt as necessary precautions were there for the couple.


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