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Wandavision Star Elizabeth Olsen Is Supporting Scarlett Johansson In Her Disney Lawsuit

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Scarlett Johansson

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is still in dilemma about the lawsuit case filed by Scarlett Johansson against Disney. Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Scarlett Johansson decided to file the case over the release platform of Black Widow. Her salary pay was based on the box-office earning of the movie. Scarlett Johansson accused Disney (House Of Mouse) of violating the original contract of the movie. The contract would have given Marvel’s Black Widow an exclusive theatre release. The Los Angeles Superior Court accepted the lawsuit case on Thursday.

The film is released on the OTT Platform, Disney+ Premier Access which affected the overall Box-Office standing of the movie. The film still managed to set a record for the Covid-19 pandemic, earning $218 million dollars in the first weekend only. As of now, Scarlett Johansson was fighting alone against the lawsuit. Fans wanted more of the actors to join Scarlett, as they all wanted the movie in Theatres. Wanda Vision’s star Elizabeth Olsen has decided to support Scarlett Johansson’s decision of filing the case.


She also accused the company and says that she will too, file a lawsuit. According to the latest report, the reporters of Vanity Fair asked Olsen about the lawsuit case. Olsen decided to show her support and said that she is very happy and proud of Johansson. While all the other Marvel Cinematic Universe co-stars are silent, getting someone’s support was a huge thing for Scarlett.

Scarlett Johansson

All this might also lead to a stammering equation between Elizabeth Olsen and Disney’s contract. She can too lose her contract but helping a friend is what really matters. Scarlett is reportedly angry and embarrassed over Disney’s way of command. She felt that the company did not do enough to keep hold of Scarlett Johansson. During the pandemic, many Hollywood studios opted for OTT platforms, and that has shattered the box- office earnings for the movie. No other celebrity has gone against Disney till now, but Olsen was bold enough to do that.


Scarlett Johannson’s agent also accused Disney of smearing her character. According to the reports, Matt Mueller thinks that Disney will not change its dual-release strategy.  The company only wants to gain success and be successful and win huge shareholders. It will be interesting to see what happens next to Disney.

Elizabeth Olsen has Doctor Strange in The Multi-verse Of Madness lined up in 2022.

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