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Angelina Joins Instagram and shares a letter from Afghanistan Teen Refugee in her First Post

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Angelina Jolie is an American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian. In 1975 on 4 June she was born. She is the most lovable, gorgeous lady on the globe. Jolie has millions of fans, and her acting is the best in all genres. She has won various awards like The recipient of numerous accolades, not only this she won Golden Globe awards and not once or twice, but thrice. Which also includes an Academy Award. she has been titled Hollywood’s highest-paid actress numerous times.

Angelina Jolie uploads the post

Angelina Jolie who has eternal beauty used her Instagram account to drawn the spotlight to the situation in Afghanistan. She uploads the post with a letter from a teenage girl who shares her feeling. The girl fears her career and future, her future rights, and her freedoms. She expressed her feeling through the letter about how she will study. The matter is not only for that particular girl it is for the whole Afghan women and children.


So, by thinking about this girl Jolie also expressed her feeling. Even The actress, in 2012 served as a United Nations special envoy for refugee and displacement issues. She is always raising her voice to the critical and against humanity situations like presently in Afghanistan, where the Taliban took control.
She is feeling very bad that how the peoples in Afghanistan faces this situation.

In her post, she said that it is disgusting to watch again Afghans people feel once again fear and uncertainty that has gripped their country”. Furthermore, she added when we were spending most of the time and money there was blood is spilt and life was lost. It is a failure of humanity. Whereas, some of the capable people are treated as burdens. She meets many women and girls who wanted an education their dignity and freedom and they fight for it daily.


When was getting emotional

Meanwhile, she was getting emotional by posting that teenager’s handwritten letter. The girl said her dreams are gone, schools closed, no right for women. This put Angelina so emotional. Angelina in her closing post added that she will stay with Afghan people and will not be shy to help. Not this time even after this situation she will help and urge people and her fans to join her. As unity is power and it’s a time to help Afghan people.

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