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VIDEO: ‘Karen’ Customer Threw Drink at Bartender After Finding Bug in It

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Recently a video from Florida is going viral on the social media platform. The video shows a woman angrily throwing her drink at the bartender who served her.

The person who shared this video on TikTok stated that the female customer found a bug in her drink and as a reaction she tossed the drink at the bartender. It looked very disrespectful as she might have not added the bug intentionally into the drink.

All About the Video

It is the incident of 20th December. People got to know about this incident when a TikTok user, named @teamhellathick, uploaded the video on the video-sharing platform. That person who shared the video on TikTok was the bartender and introduced the world to the woman who splashed the Margarita at him.

The video gained more than a million views within a few hours. many viewers started posting the comments after watching the video. Therefore to answer them the bartender posted another video as well.

The bartender added a caption by posting the video on Twitter by saying, “Karen was mad as a bug flew in a drink on the beach and now I am wearing a Margarita.”

@teamhellathick Karen was mad a bug flew in her drink… on the beach… and now im wearing a margarita😪😪 #karen #coconuts ♬ original sound – JB

She tried to represent the serious situation in a funny way on social media. The video was captured on the CCTV camera of that place and the unidentified woman shown in the video is talking to a man standing near the bar table.

We are assuming that the man who is standing near the table wearing a blue shirt is the manager of the bartender.
Both the employees of that place were shocked after seeing the behavior of that female customer. ‘Karen’ customer came out of nowhere and threw her drink at the bartender without telling anything.

Later she picked up two drinks and went outside as nothing happened. It is believed that the customer was thinking that the situation was of no one’s business. Bystanders were confused about the incident that happened In front of their eyes. The manager followed the lady after she walked away.


Bartender Explains the Incident

In other videos, the bartender tried to explain the incident by saying, “I was having a casual day at work when I made the drink for the lady. Apparently, the lady took her drink, went back to the beach, and returned 10 minutes later.”


She added, “When she came back, she complained about the bug in her drink. I know what exactly it was, meaning they come from the dunes. She had the drink on the beach and a bug flew in it. It was not in when I made it for her.”

@teamhellathick Reply to @jacazz ♬ original sound – JB

She explained further, “So she lifts up the drink when she did not hear what she wanted to hear, and looks like she’s going to throw it at my manager and my manager is like: you wanna do that. She just looks at me and throws it at me.”

The bartender said that the lady was very angry but now it is funny for them when they are recalling the whole incident. She is not going to put any charge against the customer, confirmed by the bartender.


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