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Joe Millionaire Star, Steven Mcbee: Everything You Need To Know

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Steven Mcbee

Joe Millionaire Star, Steven Mcbee


Recently, a new season of the reality show Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer has started where Steven McBee is one of the new stars. He is searching for love on this platform. The original show Joe Millionaire was first premiered in the year 2003 and the new season of this show is going to start on 6th January.

It is the reboot version of the original reality show where a group of women participates to compete for the man’s love whom they think is wealthy.

This version of Joe Millionaire is giving chance to two bachelors among whom only one is rich. They are ready to grab the opportunity for finding love in this show.

Who is Steven McBee?

Steven McBee, who is the 27-year-old man, Is going to compete with other contestants on the show that has already premiered its first episode on Thursday, 6th January 2022. Old fans of Joe Millionaire are eagerly waiting for watching the new season of Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer.

As per sources, people are excited to watch the new competitors on the show as they are not aware of the show’s source material and it will be fun to see them perform for the first time.

Steven McBee’s View on Joe Millionaire Show

In an interview, Steven McBee said, “we had no idea what the original show was. Whenever we got down there on set and they dropped the whole, ‘this is the reincarnation of joy millionaire’. I was like, great, who is Joe? What is Joe Millionaire? I had no idea.”

In past, Joe Millionaire received good ratings but also faced backlash in the public eye. This happened because the contestants were told about Evan Marriot’s non-existent fortune which was a lie. The new bachelor entering this reality show says that “For Richer or Poorer is not so misleading”. The woman participating in this show are aware of the fact that there is only one who has a high net worth.

Steven said, “In this remark, there is no life being told whatsoever. They know one of us is wealthier than the other. They just don’t know which is which, which is the grand scheme of things shouldn’t matter.”

He added “There’s always gonna be critics. I don’t know if I really even care to correct them in their criticism.”

Five things that you need to know about Steven McBee are:

He is a farmer

As per a statement by Steven, he is the president and founder of a farming operation located in Missouri.

He is a Mama’s Boy

Steven loves to spend his quality time with his family, especially his mother. We can say this after seeing his post on Instagram related to his mother.


He loves the outdoors

In one of his Instagram photos Stephen wrote a caption, “I would not treat this lifestyle for anything”. In the picture, he was sitting on the backside of a pickup truck in an area filled with cattle.

He Likes Country Music

On his Instagram account, Steven has quoted Morgan Wallen song’s lyrics. He also created a snap of himself when he attended Cody Johnson’s concert with his friends.

He is Searching for True Love

Steven told in an interview, “I’m looking for someone that is in this show ‘For Richer or Poorer’, a better or worse, there is gonna be good times and bad. Money is going to come and go in a lifetime, but that love has to be there perpetually. And so, I’m looking for someone that shares the same values common those same morals, who really wants to build up a life together.”


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