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What Job Is Rachel Nichols Doing Now After She Was Fired by ESPN?

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Rachel Nichols, a longtime ESPN host, posted a strange remark on her Instagram Story. After it had been announced that both she and the channel had struck an agreement. And that she is now willing to work wherever she wants. The 48-year-old writer shared a slideshow of 3 photos of a sunset out. Over the beach on her already social news piece. “Going, going, GONE,” she scrawled so over photographs.
According to sources, Nichols, as well as the sports network, reached an agreement on January 6. Just after the woman was sacked for “her personal views regarding diversification. At the program were made available to the public in July 2021.”

“I hope Maria Taylor all of the luck and success. She handles sport, she handles basketballs”. Rachel Nichols told Mendelsohn within just two voice recordings revealed first from the call. I hope Maria Taylor all best of luck in her career – she covers both football and basketball.


If you ever need to offer her additional stuff to do that. Because you’re worried about your poor track history on diversity. Something, by the manner, I actually know first from the feminine perspective – it’s all yours. Simply look for it elsewhere. You’re not trying to get that from me or take this away from me.”

ESPN Anchor Leaked Recording

The disclosed conversation recording also painted a negative picture of Mendelsohn. She’d been overheard responding, “I do not even know.” I’m completely spent. I’ve got no choice between Me Too and Black Lives Matter”. He further chastised ESPN for pitting two female athletes against one another.

“About how everything is just so white male of them just to set two women against one another. To fight for only one slot that they’ll be hanging over them,” he continued. A larger discussion regarding all the places that should be considered”, “I made a thoughtless, thoughtless remark entrenched in privilege. And I am really apologetic,” Mendelsohn apologized profusely. I really shouldn’t have uttered or even considered it.

rachel nichols
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I try to assist these causes because I know that perhaps the individuals who are impacted by these problems are never tired or run out of options. Further, I need to keep my power in control. And seek to be a good friend”. However, Nichols has been tight-lipped about her next move. Rachel Nichols’s yearly salary at ESPN was alleged $1.5 million over $2 million per year. She’s remained fairly popular on social networks since exiting the channel, detailing her trips with family members and friends.


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