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Twitter Confused Fred Durst with Robert Durst: Confusion, and Clarification

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Fred and Robert Durst

As soon as the news broke that Robert Durst had been sentenced to life imprisonment, Fred Durst started to make the rounds on social media once again. Irrespective of the rapper’s explanation, numerous people are still surprised if Fred is explained to Robert. 

Meanwhile, a number of people have made the mistake of confusing Fred with Robert on Twitter. Why, though? There is, of course, a backstory to this conundrum. Please bear with us as we explain.

Who is Fred Durst and Robert Durst?

William Frederick Durst is not only a singer, rapper but also a songwriter, actor, and film director. He is famous as the nu metal band Limp Bizkit’s frontman and lyricist, which was made in 1994. He has released six studio albums with the mu metal band Limp Bizkit.  Durst has worked in the short or featured film that is made outside the big film studio, he has been doing this since 2006.


On the other hand, Robert Durst also known as Robert Alan Durst,  who is a murderer, serial killer, and real-estate heir. Seymour Durst is the father of Robert who was a real-estate mogul and his younger brother is Douglas Durst.

Fred and Robert Durst

Are They Related?

No, there is no relation between these two. The accused murderer, Robert, is extolled by the singer Fred.

In 2015, the Related Press reported that “the previous Limp Bizkit frontman,” Fred, was the inspiration for HBO’s crime series The Jinx.

Soon after, Twitter users began sharing memes about Fred being mistaken for Robert. And the trend has continued to this day.

Fred Durst Clarified Things

People were having confusion about Fred’s relation with Robert. Then, to clarify this doubt the rapper posted on Instagram about the situation.

Once Fred posted on Instagram wearing an actual Bizkit hoodie on which it was written that “NOT ROBERT”. But the post is not available now.

As per the BBC, Seymour Durst is the father of Robert who is a real estate mogul. In 2000, for killing his best friend whose name is Susan Barman, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Now the subject of the HBO documentary is outdated, 78 years old.


Tweeter reaction

Several Twitter users have stated that they either mistook the American rapper Fred for Robert or made a guess that they were related.

One tweeted, “I’ll admit, I’ve by no means as soon as seen a report about #RobertDurst and never for 15 bizarre seconds thought it was speaking about @freddurst”

One other wrote, “I preserve getting Robert Durst and Fred Durst confused and it’s actually making for attention-grabbing reads for me”.


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