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Who is J.P. Arencibia? Tomi Lahren Engagement News on Instagram, and Dating History

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Tomi Lahren and J.P. Arencibia

Tomi Rae Lahren who is an American Political Commentator got engaged to Jonathan Paul Arencibia. On 25th, she announced this news on Instagram by sharing her engagement ring with her fiancé. The one she is getting married to is an athlete. She is getting engaged for the second time within 2 years. Earlier, in 2019, she was engaged to Brandon Frickie.

As we can see their pictures which the commentator posted, there was a thing between them. They were in a relationship before they got engaged. Tomi proposed to her in 2019, it was a long relation. For Central Michigan University, Brandon played football. He bought the engagement ring which was worth $50,000. They quit their wedding off in 2020.

Who is Tomi’s Fiancé?

Lately, Tomi got engaged to Jonathan Paul, who is a Fox Sports Florida Analyst. He is a professional former baseball player, she met him in 2021. From February, they started dating and posting together on social media. It’s not manifest that how long they have known each other because they connected real fast.

Tomi Lahren and J.P. Arencibia engagement

The proposal was very romantic, Jonathan went down on his one knee to propose to her. Their dog was also with them and had photographers to shoot their special moment. Then Tomi shared the photos with us through Instagram. Tomi writes very beautiful words in the Caption that she found her best friend and never let him go. Even Jonathan also shared the picture on his Instagram I’d. He said he is lucky to have Tomi who makes him the happiest man.

On Justice with Judge Jeanine, she came on the episode on 25th September, where she told about her engagement.

About J.P. Arencibia

Jonathan Paul is a Fox Sports Florida Analyst. He is a professional former baseball player. J.P. has played for Toronto Blue Jays, Tampa Bay Rays, and Texas Rangers. In high school, he began his career, he was good at baseball. Later, he played for U-18 Florida Bombers, then for Tennessee Volunteers. Jonathan was married to Kimberly perry before meeting Tomi. They got married in June 2014 and then made a decision to split in 2018. Tho the divorce was not on good terms.

Tomi Lahren and Brandon Frickie
: Relationship

Brandon proposed to Tomi in 2019, but they were dating each other for a long time. On a good note they both got separated in 2020 because later, Tomi realized that she was not ready to settle down so far. They ended their relationship on a good note, it was not easy for both of them. But they both are still good friends. She even returns her ring which was worth $50,000. Later, she realized it was the right decision.

Tomi Lahren and Brandon Frickie

Tomi Lahren Dating History

Tomi was in a relation with Jerad Christian and Chase McNary before Brandon Fricke came into her life.

First, Tomi met Jerad Christian in San Diego at night out in 2015. And after that they started dating which lasted 1 year and 4 months, then they broke up in June 2016. Later, she met Chase McNary in November and within one month they broke up because it didn’t work. With Brandon, it was a two and half year long relation.


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