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Lil’ Kim Reply Back At 50 Cent’s Leprechaun Dance Diss: ‘So Obsessed With Me’

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50 cent and Lil’ Kim

This Wednesday, October 13th, 50 Cent turned to Instagram to take another shot at Lil’ Kim. It’s not the first occasion the artist has mocked her; in July, he joked about her 2021 BET Honors outfit, calling her an owl.
However, 50 Cent has attacked her one more. Equating her to something like a jumping leprechaun. As well as Lil’ Kim must have retaliated.

50 Cent seems to be no stranger to chastising people through social media, as well as the newest target of his ire is Lil’ Kim. The rapper shared a TikTok clip in which Lil’ Kim is compared to a scary Leprechaun.
Lil’ Kim dances on the platform during the first clip, and also the leprechaun dances in the other, and that it says that they look so similar.
“I’m sorry, I understand it’s soon however I do not even understand why sh*t like this would be amusing to me,” 50 Cent wrote in response to the footage. LOL.”

Lil Kim’s Response

It didn’t take too long for Lil’ Kim to see the posting and respond in the remarks.
“Ur obsession with me is becoming disturbing. Now, this ain’t it dude, not amusing in any way. I was expecting to giggle with you, but cornyyy  Booooo! She added, “U sliding off. I’m really terrible and also too flying high inside this video u aiming here, but we already understand whyyyy.”
Fortunately, Lil’ Kim didn’t even appear too bothered by the post. As she proceeded to lash out at 50 Cent in return.

“Can we say we’re a little infatuated with Kimmie?” Keep em rolling, boo-boo, then let me realize I’m on your mind all the time. It’s fantastic! Another time, DM me and I’ll give you specials because you’re always late!” she said.
Lil’ Kim admitted that she had seen the old image previously, stating. “This picture has been around months whereas before u looked for this, u apparently made it lameeeeee
She then used the occasion to promote her forthcoming memoir, encouraging admirers to buy it.

About Lil’ Kim

Kimberly Denise Jones, best famous through her professional name Lil’ Kim, was born on July 11, 1974 / 1975. She is an American musician, actor, socialite, and popular reality star. She was born and reared in Brooklyn, Nyc. And spent much of her teenage life on the road after already being kicked out of her house.

Lil' Kim

Jones used to improvise rap in early youth. Inspired by women rap music performers such as MC Lyte as well as the Lady of Rage. She was spotted in 1994 by fellow rappers The Notorious B.I.G., who encouraged her to enter his band Junior M.A.F.I.A.; their first record, Conspiracy, produced top two 20 hits in U.s.a and also was incredibly successful even by Record Company.


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