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Travis Scott x Nike Air Trainer 1 Blows Up with over 1 million entries in just 30 minutes

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Travis Scott Nike

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More than one million fans have reportedly signed up for a raffle in the hopes of getting Travis Scott’s latest Nike Air sneakers.

According to TMZ, the rapper teamed up with footwear giant Nike to design an entire collection. It was released this Friday.

Scott has included a variety of things such as footwear and clothing items.

Although fans are waiting to get their hands on Scott’s new collection, they could not help but be interested in the rapper’s collaboration with Nike.

Here is everything you need to know.

Travis Scott X Nike new collaboration

Travis Scott has started to gradually return to the public eye after the Astroworld tragedy.

Last year in December, a crowd crush occurred at one of Scott’s Houston-based music concerts. The incident left 10 people dead while hundreds of victims were hospitalized.

Scott suffered from the aftermath of the fatal tragedy as several sponsors canceled their deal. Subsequently, he was dropped from various brand collaborations. Regardless his upcoming collaborations were also put on hold due to his ongoing lawsuits and claims surrounding the rapper.

Travis Scott Nike
Photo: Travis Scott Shop | Source: TMZ

Consequently, Nike also halted the release of Travis Scott x Nike Air Trainer 1 and the Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 1. The fans soon started wondering if the sneakers would ever see the light of the day.

Fans’ worries were finally answered on 20th May when Scott and Nike resumed their collaboration duties. On Friday, they launched Nike Air Trainer 1 on the official website of Cactus Jack. They are available in two colorways including Grey Haze as well as Chocolate.

Scott’s loyal fans flocked over to the website of La Flame to fill up the raffle entries in the hopes of obtaining an exclusive pair of Travis Scott x Nike Air Trainer 1’s. 

TMZ however reported that the sought-after shoes drew more than one million fans signed up for the raffle entries in just 30 minutes.


Nike had obviously not produced that many sneakers so many of the fans will be returning empty-handed. 

Scott got a tad bit emotional with the fan’s response. He shared, ‘Emotions high love u guys’, on his¬†Instagram story.

Meanwhile, Scott is gearing up to release his upcoming studio album UTOPIA. 

After the Astroworld tragedy, Scott kept a low profile. However, he made his first appearance at a red carpet event at Billboard Music Awards 2022 held last Sunday on 15th May in Las Vegas.


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