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TikTok: What is Fractal Burning? Wisconsin Couple Dead After Trend Goes Wrong

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fractal wood burning



With TikTok literally making every trend viral on the platform, we had the new trend as Fractal Burning trend that’s a sign of warning as well. Well, the viral trend is a form of art trend. Which actually is damn dangerous to try. But if you really want to know why it is so then here’s what we know about it.

Read ahead to know more about the Fractal Burning trend and its warning.

Fractal Burning Trend going viral on TikTok

Trends are fine unless it doesn’t harm anyone. Well, similar is with this new trend Fractal Burning too. The beginning of this trend actually lies back in 2020. However, it is still trending to date. But if you want to know what exactly this trend is all about then here’s what we know.

Fractal wood burning with a microwave transformer! #fractal #asmr #satisfying #satisfy #woodworking #YerAWizard ♬ original sound – Trevor Bruce

In this viral trend, a wooden plank with a chemical over it is visible. The dangerous part is that then high voltage electricity is passed through the wood. Which gives the wood a tree and branch-like effect at the end to it. Not to forget, a few people were trying the trend and its video went viral.

Why is the Fractal Burning trend taken as a danger?

Certainly, anything that involves a trend to go with something deadly is not to try. As such this latest Fractal Burning trend too involves items that are dangerous. To be specific thee chemical and the high voltage electricity are the deadliest part of this trend.

@jamesonoak Epoxy pour into fractal burned rivers. 🌊#woodworking #diy #doityourself #asmr #oddlysatisfying ♬ original sound – jamesonoakwoodworks

Hence users must not try it. Meanwhile, high voltage electricity is itself deadly, and taking it as an art trend is surely a big mistake. Not to miss, some of the deadliest experiences in connection with the Fractal Burning trend is also in reports.


A couple reported to have died after trying the Fractal Burning trend

If one is thinking that it is a viral trend that can’t go wrong. You are probably taking it lightly. This Fractal Burning trend has already taken a Wisconsin’s couple’s life who were trying this trend. As per the reports, a Wisconsin-based couple was electrocuted while trying this trend and it took their life.

Not just that, several deaths have been in reports in connection with this trend as such it is a warning sign to not try this trend. Hence, one must not try this deadly trend and prevent others from trying it as well.


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