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Nikki Glaser Gets Message From Taylor Swift

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Nikki Glaser

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Taylor Swift, the popular singer who is always sweet towards her fans has given one of her fans Nikki Glaser an amazingly sweet message. While Nikki Glaser isn’t somebody really popular like Taylor Swift. However, her message from Swift herself surely would have made her feel special. But what did Taylor Swift message to Nikki Glaser?

Read ahead to know more about Nikki Glaser and the Taylor Swift message.

Who is Nikki Glaser?

Nikki Glaser whose real name is Nicole Rene Glaser. She is actually popular as an American comedian, podcast host, actress, tv host, and many more. One of her most notable series was titled Not Safe With Nikki. While she is actively popular on her social media. Her Instagram account has about 856k followers.

However, apart from her roles as host and actress. She is grabbing attention these days for an encounter of hers with the iconic star singer Taylor Swift. Well yes, Nikki Glaser has got a sweet message from the singer, and here’s what she said about it.

Nikki Glaser gets a sweet message from Taylor Swift

It was during the Down In The DM series that Nikki spoke about her DM interactions with some of the celebrities. While Nikki recalled Taylor and her friends looking too skinny in Miss Americana. Which was due to the eating disorder of the singer.

Nikki recently mentioned receiving a message from Taylor Swift herself. Which was really sweet on her part. As in the comments for Nikki’s post, Taylor wrote “I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve struggled with some of the same things I’ve struggled with. Sending a massive hug”.

Nikki’s reaction to the sweet message from Taylor Swift

While it was surely a surprising and pleasant part from Taylor’s side to send love to her fan Nikki Glaser. However, on being asked if she can again DM Taylor Swift or not. Nikki said that she won’t do that again for sure.

She said that the singer has a lot of stuff to look after and that she doesn’t need to bother about her anymore. Glaser however recalled even doing a DM to Eminem. However, she never got a reply from him. On the other hand, she also had a hilarious DM from the NBA star Blake Griffin too.


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