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Who Is Peter Mcindoe and what Did The Birds Aren’t Real Team Say On 60 Minutes?

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Peter Mcindoe



“Birds Aren’t Real” movement, which owes its popularity to its founder Peter McIndoe recently had some facts revealed about it. While McIndoe actually appeared in the CBS’ 60 minutes. The beginning and all the interesting facts about the movement certainly made everyone shocked with it. But what did McIndoe say at 60 minutes?

Read ahead to know more about Birds Aren’t Real movement founder Peter McIndoe.

Who is Peter McIndoe?

Peter McIndoe might not be a famous celebrity. However, his conspiracy theory movement came in 2017. Certainly left everyone to recognize him. He is best known for the Birds Aren’t Real movement. While his life and background still remain away from the limelight. His Instagram account has about 8k followers.

He was a student at the University Of Arkansas. However, what’s bringing him again in the limelight is his appearance on the 60 minutes show on CBS. Not to forget, there McIndoe actually spoke about his popular Birds Aren’t Real movement.

What did Peter McIndoe say on CBS’ 60 minutes?

With conspiracy theories viral on the internet for one or the other reason. Birds Aren’t Real by Peter McIndoe surely just took the internet by storm when it came back in 2017. Recently on 60 minutes show on CBS, Peter even spoke about it too. What Birds Aren’t Real actually tried to say was that the birds we see aren’t real but a government sent drones to watch over us?

Well, that’s what it tried to say. However, we had Peter McIndoe spill the beans on his movement. On 60 minutes of CBS, Peter did say that it was a parody and actually it went true that birds aren’t real and those are drones instead. Yet, what was interesting about the conspiracy theory had mentioned by Peter at the show.

The reason behind Birds Aren’t Real movement

Calling it just a parody at 60 minutes, Peter said Birds Aren’t Real was for reflecting the absurdity of misconception and conspiracy. He went on to say that it is to make people laugh rather than believing it to be true and then get scared of it. Further, in the interview with Sharyn Alfonsi, Peter spoke a lot about his life too.


Saying he grew up in a “fundamentalist community”. There were a lot of conspiracy theories he was dealing with. The interview thus went on to describe on how during a protest he came up with this weird Birds Aren’t Real line that had nothing to do with protest but ended up becoming insanely popular.


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