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TikTok Rumors: Is Camille Vasquez Representing David Dobrik In Jeff Wittek Case

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Camille Vasquez



After a stunt with an excavator went bad, Jeff Wittek is suing David Dobrik, and he has a specific attorney in mind. The internet has been flooded with rumors that David will hire Camille Vasquez as his attorney after TMZ broke the news to the public.

There is no need to search deeper if you wish to catch up on the claims. What happened with David and Jeff, Camille Vasquez’s identity, and the rumors surrounding the lawyer defending Dobrik are all covered in detail by HITC.

Jeff Wittek vs. David Dobrik

David Dobrik is being sued by Jeff Wittek for $10 million in losses. TMZ acquired the case, and Jeff’s perspective was heard there.

According to Jeff, David, and many buddies were recording a video for David Dobrik in 2020, during which they would alternately be tossed around by a rope tied to an excavator that David was operating.

Jeff, however, ended up striking the excavator with full force because the construction machinery was moving too quickly. According to TMZ, this resulted in serious injuries, breaking his foot, hip, and cranium in addition to almost losing an eye.


Camille Vasquez, in the view of Tiktok, could represent David Dobrik

For defending Johnny Depp in his defamation action against Amber Heard, Camille became well-known.

After a video of her and Ben Chew appeared online on TikTok, she once again became the talk of the town. There are rumors that they would represent Ben in his trial because Ben was overheard informing Camille that he had spoken to David Dobrik.

Given that David is now being sued by Jeff, many assumed the meeting might have been about that, even if the video does not fully capture what was discussed. As of right now, neither David nor Camille’s side has provided official confirmation.

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The followers of Camille are hoping that the rumors are unfounded

The rumors that Camille is representing David Dobrik aren’t particularly popular with Camille’s supporters because David Dobrik has been associated with numerous controversies over the years. In fact, a lot of people have expressed their worry on social media.


“If Camille takes David Dobrik’s case, I will no longer be a fan,” one Twitter user commented.

Jess Fans of Camille were eager to respond in the comments when The Reporter announced the rumor on TikTok. I truly hope she doesn’t, wrote one TikTok user. She ought to represent Jeff if anything.

Although there has been no confirmation to date, it appears that Camille’s supporters want her to avoid the world of YouTubers.


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