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SEE: Amber Heard drunk on stage Video resurfaces online

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Amber Heard, the star of Aquaman, was invited to the stage at the Global Citizen Festival in New York in June 2018. A video of the actress’ on-screen performance has just reappeared online after years since the incident.

Heard appeared inebriated on stage with Bridget Moynahan from Blue Bloods, according to the video. Later, the Texas native urged the audience to cast their ballots in the nearby midterm elections. Heard had spoken at the UN General Assembly about a week prior to this occurrence.

What did Amber Heard say and do in 2018 at the occasion?

On June 22, a new video of the identical incident from 2018 was posted on Film Streak’s YouTube account, which greatly stoked controversy. Additionally, according to the video, Heard was intoxicated while performing, which drew harsh condemnation from pro-Johnny Depp followers.

Heard is accused of being inebriated in the video and making fun of domestic abuse victims. She said to the audience,


“You, the voters. It’s time to end the culture that protects the career of powerful men who abuse women and survivors. *Indistinctive* find these groups and register now.”

Within a day, the recently published video had over 100,000 views. A few internet users also made fun of Amber Heard over this rediscovered footage on social media.

Marmar (@Marmar 85), a Twitter user, allegedly used the medium to call Heard out. The person said that Heard had “totally mocked the real abuse victims” in the tweet’s caption. The person went on to say that Heard had capitalized on the #MeToo movement.

Previous accusations of public intoxication against Amber Heard

Amber Heard was allegedly drunk during an interview in another video that reappeared last month. Several times during the interview, the actress stumbled over her words. In the midst of the trial, the footage at the time generated additional criticism from Depp’s followers. Over 19 million people have seen the video on TikTok since then.

@williammullally Rewatching my interview with #amberheard and it’s even weirder than I remembered #johnnydepp #johnnydepptrial #fyp ♬ original sound – William Mullally

A video of Heard drinking water from her bottle during the trial later in early May had led to more accusations. Despite the fact that these accusations were reportedly unfounded, pro-Depp followers continued to disparage the actress. According to the accusations from last month, rumors circulated that Heard drank alcohol during the trial.

At the same time, a sizable group of Depp supporters believed that the actress had snorted drugs like cocaine during her testimony in court. Online rumors suggested that Amber Heard had ingested the drug while wiping her nose with the tissue. The claims, however, were not supported by any reliable evidence.


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