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TikTok: ’321 Bang’ handstand challenge Explained

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If you are obsessed with TikTok then we bet you must have checked out the “321 bang” handstand challenge. As this trend is making everyone go crazy about it. Some of the users have reacted to it too. However, if you haven’t come across this challenge yet. Then here we are to tell you what exactly this challenge is all about.

Read ahead to know more about the “321 bang” handstand challenge and its other details.

Tiktok trends “321 Bang” handstand challenge

Tiktok has got some amazing trends and challenges. But yes some are the only ones that can be tried by experts. We are talking about the latest “321 bang” handstand challenge. This trend is going insanely popular on the app. While some of the users have dared to try it too.


With the name of the challenge, you can understand that it’s about a h andstand. However, this is a bit different than the usual handstand that you have seen. Complex for many but it looks amazing in the videos as some tried to show their flexibility in it.


My back will my broken for the next 3 days

♬ 3 2 1 BANG – ECHER

What’s the “321 bang” handstand challenge all about?

You may have seen many handstands previously on TikTok. However, this one is going popular as it’s something unique. In this challenge, you will see people trying the handstand with each new posture every time the word “321 bang” comes. As it first begins with one leg up and then twisting it and then the next one up.

@jamiepearsonnn No way on EARTH I’m the only one who’s done this 💀💀💀 #firstattempt ♬ 3 2 1 BANG – ECHER

Lastly, on the word “bang” the legs are split in a different direction while doing the handstand. The posture while trying this challenge is all about the flexibility one has. This challenge has gone popular on TikTok and has got several likes and views over it too.

Users reaction on the “321 bang” handstand challenge

Users have truly fallen for this challenge. However, only a few of them dare to take this challenge. As it isn’t something easy for everyone to try because it needs a lot of practice and flexibility. Not just whoever tried this challenge. They did say that this is way tougher than it looks to try.

In fact, this challenge has got several comments on the videos of other users who have tried this challenge complimenting them for the try. While more and more users are still thinking to try it.


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