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TikTok CEO Reacts to US President Signing Bill Banning App

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In response to US President Joe Biden signing a bill into law that mandates ByteDance to either sell its US TikTok operations or face a ban in the country, TikTok’s CEO has issued a statement addressing the situation.

The bill, which was passed by the US House of Representatives in March and subsequently signed into law by President Biden on April 24, 2024, imposes a nine-month deadline for ByteDance to divest its US TikTok operations.

ByteDance has vehemently expressed its refusal to sell its US TikTok operations and has indicated its intent to challenge the decision legally. In a leaked internal memo, the company announced its plans to file a lawsuit against the legislation, citing concerns about the violation of the First Amendment rights of the 170 million Americans on TikTok.

The initiation of legal proceedings by ByteDance is expected to halt the nine-month divestment period until the resolution of the court case, potentially causing significant delays in the enforcement of the law.

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew responded to the situation, emphasizing the company’s commitment to contesting the decision through legal channels. He characterized the legislation as a ban on TikTok and its users, stressing the importance of protecting users’ voices and rights.

Despite the legal developments, access to TikTok for US users will remain unchanged in the immediate future. Users will continue to use the app as usual for the next nine months, with many potentially unaware of the ongoing legal proceedings.

The statement from TikTok’s CEO underscores the company’s determination to challenge the ban and underscores its dedication to safeguarding the platform’s presence in the United States. The outcome of the legal battle will likely have significant implications for the future of TikTok’s operations in the country.


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