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Logan Paul Responds to Viral Prime Hydration “Forever Chemical” Lawsuit

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Logan Paul

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Logan Paul addresses the viral Prime Hydration lawsuit concerning “forever chemicals” circulating across social media platforms.

Logan Paul has addressed the viral lawsuit against Prime Hydration concerning the presence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as “forever chemicals,” in its grape-flavored drink. The lawsuit, initially filed in 2023, gained widespread attention on social media in April 2024, prompting Logan Paul to provide clarification in a video.

In his response, Logan asserted that the lawsuit does not automatically validate the claims made against Prime Hydration. He emphasized that the company adheres to the same manufacturing standards as major brands like Pepsi and Coca-Cola, following regulations outlined in Title 21 for the production of PET bottles.

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Regarding the allegations concerning the drink itself containing “forever chemicals,” Logan Paul argued against the validity of the lawsuit’s claims. He criticized a study cited by the plaintiffs, conducted by a lawyer, as being unreliable. According to Logan, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers levels under 1.1 parts per trillion (ppt) to be undetectable, contrasting with the lawsuit’s claim of 0.06 ppt in Prime Hydration.

Logan contended that the lawsuit’s figures are unsubstantiated and suggested that the plaintiffs lack the necessary tools and resources for accurate testing. He expressed skepticism about the lawsuit’s accuracy, echoing sentiments shared by his business partner KSI and Congo Brands.

Furthermore, Logan revealed that Prime Hydration retains samples from every production batch and is prepared to undergo testing to validate the safety of their product. Despite the legal challenge, Prime Hydration continues to enjoy substantial sales, surpassing Gatorade as the highest-selling sports drink at Walmart.

In sharing his response, Logan Paul aimed to dispel concerns regarding Prime Hydration’s safety and integrity amidst the ongoing lawsuit. The company’s commitment to transparency and willingness to undergo testing reflect its dedication to ensuring the quality and safety of its products for consumers.


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