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Taylor Swift’s ‘RED’ Is Out And Fans Want to Know Who Is Ronan in A Track

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Taylor Swift Ronan

A new album “Red” was released by Taylor Swift. In this version, there are a few tracks as an add-on that are getting lots of love from fans. The project is in a collaboration with Phoebe Bridgers that introduced an emotional song that has attracted the attention of Taylor Swift’s fans over the world i.e., Ronan.
Everyone is getting excited to know about Ronan, the small boy who had played the major role as he influenced this track. Taylor Swift got inspiration with the little boy and composed the track for the Red album. In this article, you will get to learn about Ronan in detail.

The Re-released Album Red

After getting success on the release of the album “Fearless”, Taylor Swift Surprises her fans with the release of the throwback album, Red. The singer and lyrics composer launched her album ‘Red’, from the year 2012, with few modifications. This time Taylor’s head added a few more songs to the album that is driving her fans crazy.

Taylor Swift Ronan

The surprise of rereleasing the Red album has given the opportunity to the fans to relive the precious moments of the year 2012. The song has the capacity to make you feel whelmed with the masterpiece created by Taylor Swift. The bonus tracks and collaborations added to the initial album red have helped it to achieve success once again. Now, people can find a 10-minute version of “All too well” and a feature of Ed Sheeran in this album.


You can access this album, Red, and listen to it on almost every big music streaming platform available over the Internet.

Ronan in Taylor Swift’s song

There is a song in album ‘Red’, released by the popular singer Taylor Swift, which is the 21st track, named us “Ronan”. This song holds a back story that is very emotional and heart-touching.

In 2012, Taylor Swift, as a charity single, released and wrote a song about a boy named Roman Thompson. Roman Thompson was a small boy of age four years who was suffering from cancer. Later he died after fighting hard with the illness.

Taylor Swift Ronan

As per news extracted from the Billboard, Taylor Swift learned about Roman Thompson’s story through a website named “Rockstar Ronan”. The story was posted as a blog on the website by his mother, Maya Thompson.

Taylor Swift credited Maya Thompson as the songwriter for the song “Ronan”, as her lyrics were inspired by Maya’s blog quotes. Later the song was presented on the stage in the Cancer televised event
in 2012.

Ronan’s song is released through the album “Red” for the first time.

Maya Thompson’s Reaction to Ronan

Maya Thompson listened to the song Ronan and then posted a selfie along with a caption as a tweet, “This is how I will be all day. I just listened and watched Ronan, Taylor’s version. I couldn’t tell you about the music video until now. It is beyond perfection and I can’t wait for you all to see it. @taylorswift13 you are one of the greatest loves of my life. TY for loving him.”


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