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Nya Sigin, Minnesota Student Speaks Up Against Online Bullying After Viral Video

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Nya Sigin

A 14-year-old teenage girl became a subject of bullying who is a student in Minnesota whose name is Nya Sigin. She spoke about her issues After watching herself becoming the target of racial bullying. A one-minute clip was spotted over the Internet that projects a Prior Lake high school student using a Racial slur in a recurring manner towards Nya Sigin.

Later in an interview, Nya Sigin explained her issues and the way she is dealing with all this stuff. She says that other students supported her after seeing such discrimination by protesting.

In an interview with Tunde TV, Nya Sigin says, “I am at a loss of words for what they have done.” After watching the viral video targeting Nya Sigin, the school and law enforcement officials are working on the investigation of the whole situation.

What is Nya Sigin Doing?

As per the sources, Nya Sigin is a student of Minnesota who is just a 14-year-old teen facing racial discrimination. The bullying was provoked by, none other than, her classmates. She is facing bullying on a daily basis and racial slurs in her school. Recently a video got viral which shows the content of harassment and continuous racial slurring towards her. This incident has put an impact on her so badly, that she planned to quit her life. This big decision chosen by Nya Sigin was the effect of seeing her video getting viral on Twitter


But now, Nya Sigin is using the social media platform for raising her voice against online bullying and racial discrimination. She realizes that she should deal with the situation with maturity, therefore, she takes a stand for herself and later got support from other students. She expresses the way she is dealing with bully that her classmates did, in an interview with KSTP, and explains the incident that happened in the viral video.

Nya Sigin

A GoForMe campaign has started for collecting donations from people for Nya Sigin’s higher studies. The content on the page said, “Hello everyone, a few days ago an extremely upsetting and repulsive racist video was sent to the most beautiful 14-year-old girl. The video was attacking her racially and mentally with multiple threats made. She has been in an ongoing battle with racism and mental health for a while now.”

“This video was not only disgusting but extremely offensive and hurtful. The Sigin family is one of the most caring giving amazing families I’ve ever met and if you knew them you would know they don’t deserve any of this. Nobody does”.

Minnesota Teen Rallies Against The Bullying

Nya Sigin talked about the video that is getting viral, by saying, “It was just the most disgusting thing I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life. I was feeling confused. I didn’t know what I had done to even deserve it. When I first saw the video, I hadn’t processed everything that was going on.”


Nya Sigin told the media about her after-effect as she was about to end her life when she saw the video. She said, “I finally have entered the part of my life where I feel like I’m finally overcoming that.”

With her action of raising her voice against online bullying, she was joined by many students outside her school protesting for her against racial discrimination and bully that she is facing.
The protest was live-streamed and many students holding signs were seen standing in support of Nya Sigin.

Superintendent Dr. Teri Staloch reacted after seeing the video by saying, “Our schools do not tolerate racism and hate speech. Any investigation into the students involved with the video is underway and we will take appropriate action. We remain focused on our priority of providing safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environments for all students.”


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