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Tati Westbrook, Announces Shut Down of Beauty Line & Her Legal Battle

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Tati Westbrook

Tati Westbrook, a makeup expert, celebrity YouTuber, has announced the closing of her cosmetics company, Tati Beauty.

Westbrook cited pending litigation as well as the Covid-19 outbreak as reasons for the line’s shutdown in a clip. We’re going through all you really need to understand regarding the court dispute.

Tati beauty closure

“We aren’t any actively selling stuff on the internet. And I offer that even with a sad heart,” the makeup artist said on her YouTube channel.
Developing this business has been a lot of fun for me. I had big plans, ambitions, and ideas for destiny. “COVID struck, and it absolutely caused some problems, it slowed the rest of the world back,” Westbrook continued.
Furthermore, obviously, you’re conscious of the outside lawsuit that has had a significant influence on my life. So it T-boned it all, and now we’re here.
Tati Beauty was founded in 2019, not much since her epic battle with James Charles, a rival cosmetics YouTuber.

Tati beauty

What is the Tati Westbrook lawsuit?

Tati Westbrook highlighted the continuing litigation as a significant cause in the closing of her beauty line, as previously stated.

Westbrook’s Halo Beauty general partner Clark Swanson filed a federal lawsuit. Against the YouTuber the year before, kicking off the legal war. According to reports, the colleague alleged fraud, carelessness, and violation of fiduciary obligations. Tati’s vitamin range is called Halo Beauty.

According to reports, Swanson promised to keep half of a health supplements firm. With Tati and James owning some other side. According to the business associate, James and Tati gave them “two-thirds of the company. In exchange for the Westbrooks’ commitment to utilize Halo Beauty under Ms. Westbrook’s parent brand for any and all future cosmetic launches—cosmetics, healthcare, perfume, and most of Tati Westbrook’s beauty supplies.” Mr. Swanson consented to all these conditions.


Westbrook’s attorney, Douglas Fuchs, released an official comment to reports at the moment, stating, “Clark Swanson’s complaint is baseless… his ridiculous assertion that Tati Westbrook gave them one among her brand, appearance, and character for the rest of her life. In return for a little upfront money investment, Swanson’s allegation is indeed unfound. But also disrespectful and defies all logic.”

Westbrook said in a Youtube clip in June of this year. She was selling her house to help fund the continuing court struggle. The case is still pending.

Tati Westbrook

Where is Tati Westbrook now?

Regardless of the fact that her cosmetics company was shuttered.  Tati Westbrook stated that she would “never really have brand names  hereafter.”

The YouTube sensation revealed that she would rather remain to evaluate skincare products. Shoot cosmetic lessons, and remain on the site as part of her current YouTube career.


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