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Cyn Santana, Joe Budden’s Ex-Fiance and His Relationship & Why Did They Break Up?

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Cyn Santana and Joe Budden

After fans incorrectly assumed he had come out as bisexual. Joe Budden, who is an American media personality and ex-rapper, has made the news. And fans want to know about his previous relationships and one name related to him is Cyn Santana.

During a podcast interview, Joe Budden remarked: “I’m bisexual. How do I spread this news? How do I spread the word? Yo, listen, I like guys and girls. Spread the word. I’m down.”

 Fans presumed the podcast host turned out as gay. After seeing the out-of-context film go viral on Twitter, but this isn’t the case.

You notice that he was not talking about himself if you will listen to the full podcast. Instead, he was conversing casually about the LGBTQ+ community

and DaBaby.

Joe Budden’s past relationships have become the talk of the town as his sexuality continues to win social media. Who is Cyn Santana? Let’s get to know about the ex-fiancé of Joe.

Who is Cyn Santana?

Cyn Santana is from Washington Heights, New York. Furthermore, she is a rapper, actress, and singer.

She had appeared on the VHI reality series such as Love & Hip Hop: New York. She is 29-year-old.

Furthermore, she is an Instagram influencer too, on her Instagram account, she has 3.8 million followers, in addition to her singing career.

Santana, who was born and brought up on the Arizona-Mexico border. In 1993, from Northern Arizona University, she was graduated with a bachelor’s degree in media and TV production.


Relationship of Joe and Cyn Santana

In 2016, Cyn and Joe came into the relationship.

In December 2017, they had their first baby boy,  named Lexington.

Season 9 of Love and Hip Hop: New York explored their relationship. Also, including Cyn’s post-natal depression battles.

Cyn Santana and Joe Budden

When it was the finale season of the show,  Joe proposed to Cyn, and later,  they decided to get engaged. Just within four months, they broke up and didn’t last the engagement.

Reason behind their break up

In Mat 2019, Cyn and Joe broke their relation up.

The reason behind their break-up was that Joe cheated on Cyn on Love & Hip Hop: New York, according to Cyn.

She also said on his phone, she discovered images of some other lady. Joe, on the other hand, never verified or rejected the allegations.

Joe and Cyn seem to be cheerful after their ugly split. Despite this, they are co-parents of their 4-year-old kid together.


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