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Marília Mendonça, Latin Grammy-Winning Singer Died in a Plane Crash, Aged 26

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Marília Mendonça dies plane crash

Marília Mendonça, a Brazilian award-winning musician, died inside a plane crash while being on her journey to a performance. The Brazilian singer seems to have been a Latin Grammy winner and among the most well-known. Her airplane crashed on Friday while she was on her way to a show. The singer was 26 years old and leaves behind a one-year-old kid. As per accounts, the plane accident killed four other persons in addition toMarília Mendonça 2021. As well as the pilot, co-pilot, her manager Henrique Ribeiro, as well as uncle Abicieli Silveira Dias Filho.

In what seems like a release, the singer’s media department verified her and then the other four travelers’ deaths. The singer’s airplane fell between Marlia Mendonça’s birthplace of Goiania and Caratinga, a tiny city in central Minas Gerais. Marlia Mendonça’s death was also verified by the administrative enforcement department of the government of Minas Gerais. The reason for the plane’s accident, meanwhile, has yet to be in determination.

Marlia Mendonça Death

Marlia Mendonça has been one of Brazil’s finest and popular singers. In 2019 and 2020, she was perhaps the most streamed artist on Spotify. In her compositions, she was noted for tackling feminist concerns. Such as women’s empowerment and condemning males who dominate their spouses. Supporters, officials, singers, and sports people in Brazil grieved the singer’s passing when the announcement spread on Friday evening.

Neymar, a Brazilian football player and a close personal friend of the late artist, couldn’t trust his ears when he heard the announcement. Neymar uploaded a few photographs and videos of himself singing on stages with Marilia Mendonca on his Instagram profile. He wrote in the description how he has always been a fan of Marilia. And also that the musician’s appearance on his birthday was the greatest present he could have received.

Marília Mendonça dies plane crash

He penned, “Among the most pleasant discoveries of my lifetime. Such an honor it is for you to sing The Song to me. You established a reputation for yourself in Brazil and throughout the globe! I’ll always be an admirer of yours. Peace be with you, “He wrote in the Portuguese language.


Mourning the Marília Mendonça Plane Crash

Marlia Mendonça’s death was also grieved by Anitta, a prominent Brazilian singer. She posted a sequence of pictures and spoke about how she spoke with her just before she died. She said in the Portuguese language, “I tell you I love you the other day. YESTERDAY.” She went on to say that she couldn’t comprehend the unfortunate news. And referred to Mendonça as her most welcoming buddy.

Marília Mendonça dies plane crash

“The whole country receives in distress the information of the fatal passing of the youthful country music star Marlia Mendonça. One of several biggest musicians of her era. She with her wonderful voice, a force of personality, and live performances managed to win the adoration and appreciation of everyone”. Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, wrote on Twitter.


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