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Stephen Walter, Drug Dealer, Who Gave Fentanyl-Laced Pills to Mac Miller Pleads Guilty

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Stephen Walter

 Mac Miller was found dead in 2018 after a man named “Stephen Walter” admitted to giving him with the drugs that killed him.

On September 7th, 2018, the American rapper and record producer was discovered dead at his residence in San Fernando Valley, California.

He died of an accidental fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol overdose, as per a toxicology report published by the office of Los Angeles County Coroner.

In California, the dealer who supplied him with the lethal drugs has pleaded guilty, more than three years after his death.

The drug dealer, who reportedly gave drugs to Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller before to his drug overdose, has agreed to a plea agreement in exchange for avoiding a more serious allegation, and yet he still risks up to 20 years in jail.

Stephen Walter

Who is Stephen Walter?

Stephen Walters  was born in 1975, who is an English actor. He plays in TV and film in British. In drama and comedy, he has played role in these a lot. Furthermore, Walters is most known for his surprising and complicated characters. For his work in the Sky Arts drama, Ragged. In addition, in 2013, he was shortlisted for a Royal Television Society Best Actor award.


Stephen Walter was a 46-year-old. Moreover, with the fentanyl-laced pills, he supplied to Mac Miller. And it turned out to be an overdose. He is one of them, who got arrested, and they were charged for the death of Mac Miller.

After being charged with distributing narcotics that resulted to Mac’s murder, he originally pled not guilty.

His plea, however, has now been altered.

Stephen Walter

Stephen Enters A Guilty Plea

Stephen Walter pleaded guilty to charges of delivering fentanyl-containing pills in Mac Miller on Monday, October 25th,  according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

Also, he was also accused of conspiring to distribute a controlled narcotic, but that allegation was dismissed.

According to the plea deal entered in California, he instructed a runner to deliver fentanyl-laced oxycodone tablets.

It further claims that Stephen was aware that the fentanyl-laced oxycodone tablets were being provided to Cameron James Pettit, the Mac’s dealer.

20 Years In Prison

For his role in Mac Miller’s death, Stephen now faces a potential sentence of 20 years in jail and a $1 million fine.

According to reports, prosecutors are seeking 17 years in prison. Moreover, 5 years of supervised release.

His sentence date is unclear at the time of writing.


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