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Jayne Rivera, Model Faces Negative Criticism Over Photoshoot at Father’s Funeral

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Jayne Rivera

Instagram and Tiktok personality Jayne Rivera have been trending due to all wrong reasons. Recently, her father died, but she started sharing pictures on Instagram from her father’s funeral.   

People on social media do all sorts of things to be in trend. These social media influencers try to update their profiles for their followers. This is not wrong with it; nevertheless, there is a particular time when it is avoided. The funeral is a place to mourn and respect the dead, but it has become a photoshoot place.   

Due to these wrong reasons, Jayne Rivera is trending.   

Who is Jayne Rivera?  

Jayne Rivera is based in Miami, Florida. She is a 20-year-old social media star and fitness model.   

She is active on various platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, and Only Fans. Jayne is an online personality and has 300.000 followers on TikTok, where she constantly posts her dance videos.   

She also has over 80k followers, after which she deleted her account. She regularly posts photos and videos of her regular outfits, travel pictures, and fitness routines.   

Jayne Rivera

Why did Instagram followers slam Jayne Rivera?  

Jayne Rivera posted a photo on her Instagram profile in front of her father’s open casket. After this photo, she suddenly became a hot topic among her followers.   

She posted at least eight photos in different poses just after one week of her father’s death. Jayne even captioned these photos, “Butterfly flay away. Rip Papi. You were only my best friend.”  

After this post, Jayne’s followers are constantly declining. Many followers asked her to delete those photos.   

One of the followers said,” Please delete these senseless photos. If you don’t delete, I will unfollow you.”  

Anot her follower said,” Are you giving us updates that you took pictures in front of your father’s funeral? You are a senseless woman.”  


Some said, “This is the hard unfollow. I will never follow you again. May that man’s soul rest in peace.” 

What was the reaction of Jayne Rivera?  

She is trolled and is constantly making headlines after she posted pictures. However, she has still not responded to any media or fans.   

She has not responded to the backlash, and people are still waiting for her comments. Jayne deleted her Instagram profile, and right now, no photos are available.   

The fans are assuming that these photos were taken and posted in conscious thinking. The images which Jayne posted on Instagram were captioned as #dadless and #funeral. It was one of the reasons her followers were slamming her.   


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